Yukari Nishimoto
Yukari Nishimoto (CT)
Japanese name 西本ゆかり
Other names Evelyn Davidson (Europe)
Anabel (Latin America)
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Dark brown (1983 anime)
Jet black (1994 OVA)
Eye color Black
Relationships Ryo Ishizaki (boyfriend)
Hiroshi Jito (cousin)
Sanae Ozora (best friend)
Kumi Sugimoto (friend)
Occupation Former manager of Nankatsu (BF, Holland Youth)
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa manga chapter 51 "Opening Ceremony"
Yukari Nishimoto was the third manager of Nankatsu middle school and high school along with Sanae Nakazawa and Kumi Sugimoto. Yukari is the cousin of Hiroshi Jito, who protected her when both were in Hirado elementary school.

Boys' Fight arc Edit

Yukari Nishimoto
For three years, Yukari was appointed as the 2nd assistant manager of Nankatsu middle school soccer team. She eagerly helped Sanae in her chores, as well as noticing the deep love her friend felt for Tsubasa Ozora. She later on also supported her kouhai Kumi Sugimoto since both Sanae and Kumi were truly in love with Nankatsu's captain and champion, and expected to see who was to confess to him first just after the end of the Jr. World Youth in France.

Pre Battle of World Youth arc Edit

Yukari tsubasa
Holland Youth Special

After Nankatsu lost 1:2 against Toho academy in the High School finals, Yukari left the soccer club as assistant but appeared together with Sanae and Kumi as supporters for All Japan Youth friendly matches against Netherlands Youth, with a special (and comic-relief) cheering to Ryo Ishizaki.

Battle of World Youth arc Edit

In the World Youth Arc, Yukari did support Sanae in her depresion for not being able to see Tsubasa for a 3-year time period. She even encouraged Sanae to go to Brazil to visit Tsubasa for a short while.

Rising Sun arc Edit

Yukari helped Sanae Ozora with her pregancy - as she was expecting twins - together with Natsuko Ozora in the Ozora's house in Nankatsu City, since Tsubasa was captain for Olympic Japan in the Madrid Olympics.

Relationships Edit

She was a rumored girlfriend of Ryo Ishizaki (they had some funny teasing to each other in the Holland Youth Special). However, in World Youth, after Ishizaki suffered a heavy injury from Santana to his face, he confessed his feelings to Yukari and started a romantic relationship with her.

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  • Other names: She is also known as Anabel in Latin America and Evelyn Davidson in Europe.