Yuji Soga
Japanese name 曽我 佑二
Nickname(s) Weed Man
Nationality Japanese
Position(s) Forward, Defender
First appearance
Golden 23 chapter 12
Level Team Number
National Japan 22
Club Vasco Da Gama
Junior Gosato Industries' OB 22

Profile Edit

Before joining the Real Japan 11, Yuji Soga was a player of Gosato Industries' OB. He aimed to be a pro, therefore, during a training match with J2's Omiya Ardija, he played as a one top forward, hoping to draw the attention of the Ardija staff. His headers threaten the goal of Ardija many times, but he also missed numerous play. Therefore, he didn't make it into the J-League. However, Minato Gamo noticed his hidden talent and persuaded him to change into a defender. He performed very well in the new position, and even managed to win during hard fought duels against Ryoma Hino. However he still felt that his abilities were insufficient and decided to go to Brazil. He promised that after he became able to stop the Brazilian technicians, he would return.

At the age of 20, he managed to get a professional contract with Vasco Da Gama. Here, his abilities improved gradually. Therefore, Gamo went to Brazil to ask Soga to join the U-22 All Japan. However, he refused because he hadn't stopped every Brazilian technicians yet, and recommended Gamo to recruit the all rounder Gakuto Igawa.

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