Yoshiko Fujisawa
Japanese name 藤沢 美子
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Black, brown
Relationships Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Hikaru Matsuyama (fiancé)
Occupation Former manager of Furano
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 62

Yoshiko Fujisawa is Hikaru Matsuyama's girlfriend and the former manager of Furano. She moves to America after Furano lost to Nankatsu, but later return to Japan to meet Matsuyama.

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Captain Tsubasa Arc Edit

Yoshiko Fujisawa is Matsuyama's childhood friend, originally from Hokkaido. She became manager of Furano F.C. and took great care of everyone in that time, especially of Matsuyama. She held feelings for Matsuyama, and all the members of the team knew about this, except Matsuyama himself. Yoshiko was forced to go to America because of her father's work. Before the match against Nankatsu, she made hachimakis for the team members, and entrusted the line "I LOVE YOU - YOSHIKO" on Matsuyama's. Matsuyama finally noticed those words after the match, and as Yoshiko was leaving, he chased after her taxi to the airport. At the airport, the two of them exchanged their feelings.

Player 2332

Matsuyama, Yoshiko and the hachimaki entrusted with Yoshiko's feelings.

After a few months, she returned to Japan, ahead of her parents, to meet Matsuyama. The two of them went to Furano high school together.

World Youth Arc Edit

As stated by Matsuyama's teammates, he all Yoshiko had been telephoning each other every day during the Asian preliminaries. At some time before Japan's quarter-final match, she was involved in a traffic accident. When Tsubasa came to the hospital to see Matsuyama, Matsuyama said he wanted to be at Yoshiko's side, because at the moment, for him, she is more important than the match. Therefore, he was absent for most of the time in that match. Yoshiko regained consciousness some time during the second half. After that, Matsuyama returned to the stadium to replaced Akai, who is injured, in the extra time, wearing Yoshiko's hachimaki.

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  • Her name is María Fernanda "Mafer" in the Latin American dub.