Yonun I
Japanese name 李 龍雲
Nationality South Korean
Birthday November 18
Height 172 cm (BWY)
Weight 68 kg (BWY)
Blood type B
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
World Youth Hen (1994) chapter 23 "Send it to Tsubasa!!"
Level Team Number
Youth National South Korea Youth 10
Club VfB Stuttgart

Yonun I (李 龍雲, I Yon'un), Korean: Lee Yong-Woon, Revised Romanization: I Yong-un, is the captain of South Korea Youth, as well as a professional footballer at VfB Stuttgart.


Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

Chapter of the Asian Youth Championship

Because of an injury, the ace Inchon Cha could not play. Still, the South Korean youth team made it through the 1st round of the Asian preliminaries.

Cha's absence makes things more difficult for the team in the second round. They only manage to tie against Iraq in the group stage; and later, during the semifinals, they are put in a tough situation, Saudi Arabia is leading 1-0 and has switched to a double stopper formation to protect the lead. At this point, South Korea decides to let Cha plays.

Cha ties the game with a middle shot. Later, just before the end of the game, Cha's leg breaks again after a clash with Mark Owairan. The former still manages to pass to I, who gets past Vulcan and then scores with a Low Altitude Overhead Kick. South Korea advances to the finals, and acquires the right to participate in the World Youth.

The final match is against Japan. During the match, I tries to stop Tsubasa Ozora, but the latter gets past I with a combi play with Taro Misaki. In the end, South Korea lose 0-2.

World Youth Tournament

South Korea is in the same group with Netherlands, Argentina and Ghana. Even though Cha's in perfect condition now, South Korea is unable to go up against strong teams like Netherlands and Argentina, and is eliminated after the group stage.

Abilities and Special techniques Edit

  • Technical play
  • Overhead Kick
    • Low Altitude Overhead Kick: An overhead kick done at a low altitude.