Yamabuki elementary school

Nationality Japanese
Captain Takeshi Kishida
Achievement Two forwards were selected for Nankatsu SC


The Yamabuki elementary school is a Nankatsu city soccer team, from the Shizuoka prefecture, with Takeshi Kishida as its captain and striker together with Koji Nishio. Said team appeared as part of the audience in the match between Shutetsu and Nankatsu.

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Kids' Dream arc Edit

Takeshi Kishida appeared with his team to observed the match between Shutetsu and Nankatsu, with an original purpose of studying Shutetsu and make a strategy in order to defeat them on a future match. Urabe, captain of the rival team Nishigaoka elementary school, said that Shutetsu was to lose the match if they did not apply themselves, since they were already defeated on the match against Nankatsu and knew the true potential of soccer prodigy Tsubasa Ozora as pivot player of Nankatsu which was to make the difference in this match.

Kishida vs Urabe vs Misaki
During the break before the extra time (where Nankatsu and Shutetsu were tied 1:1), Nankatsu's captain Ryo Ishizaki was injured and Nankatsu needed a substitute. So, inspired by Tsubasa's play during the game, the captain Kishida wanted to play in the game to replace Nankatsu's captain, thus started a contest against Hanji Urabe, but eventually lost to a 3rd contestant, Nankatsu's newcomer member Taro Misaki.

A little while after being humillated on field due to Misaki's dribbling ability towards both players, Kishida admitted that they were both way under Misaki's level. Later on, both Kishida and Koji Nishio where chosen by coach Tadashi Shiroyama to be regulars for the Nankatsu city selection team, becoming side defenders.

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