World selection

Japanese 世界選抜
Captain Karl Heinz Schneider
First appearance 25th Anniversary

Profile Edit

The team consisting of star players in the world, with members chosen by fans through postcards and Internet votes.

Players Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Deuter Müller
22 Gino Hernandez
2 Salvatore Gentile
5 Hermann Kaltz
7 Elle Sid Pierre
16 Shunko Sho
?? Mark Owairan
3 Radunga
6 Brian Cruyfford
8 Juan Diaz
10 Fernando Cosas "Rivaul" Dutra
12 Stefan Levin
18 Franz Schester
21 Zedane
26 Davi
?? Zangiev
0 Natureza
9 Carlos Santana
11 Karl Heinz Schneider Captain
17 Ramon Victorino
19 Louis Napoleon
?? Manfred Margus
?? Alan Pascal
?? Ryoma Hino

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