Willem Arminius
Willem Arminius02
Japanese name ウィレム・アルミニウス
Nationality Dutch
Position(s) Forward, Midfielder
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa anime episode 39
Level Team Number
National Holland 8
Club Juventus FC 26


Willem is a player of Juventus FC and Holland national Football team. He is a strong, fast and very skilled player. He has a typical Dutch player characteristics of attack and defend Total Football. His chief rival is Kojiro Hyuga. They fight a lot and have a very strong rivalry. Willem is also very competitive.

Willem teased Kojiro Hyuga early on when he joined the Juventus, until Kojiro got pissed and the two ended up fighting. They play together for a longer Willem and very competitive, so that Holland could not move to aa World Cup in Japan because Holland has many problems and it ended up affecting the layout of the parents to go to the pantry. [I don't even understand what this means so I don't know how to edit]

Before an international friendly game between Holland and Japan, Willem wanted to prove that his team can defeat Japan and that Japan is weak. In the game, Holland was very up front and scored a goal early on. Thanks to the arrival of Aoi Shingo, Willem lost control costing Holland the victory. The game ended up in a tie, and Japan earned Holland's respect.

He is based on real life player Edgar Steven Davids, and is the 2001 TV series counterpart of Davi.


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