West Germany Jr. Youth
Japanese 西ドイツジュニア(Jr.)ユース
Captain Karl Heinz Schneider
Achievement International Jr. Youth Tournament runner-up

Profile Edit

Schneider (CTJ Get in the Tomorrow) 2
The West Germany Jr. Youth or U-16 West Germany is the final and strongest opponent of All Japan Jr. in the first International Jr. Youth Championship, as shown both in the Shin Captain Tsubasa OVA and Road to 2002 anime. The anime version also appear in cinematics in the Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the Tomorrow (PSX) game.

Colors Edit

  • Home colors: White with black collar, the national Germany insignia and black stripes (three in the manga, two in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team) on the shoulders, black shorts and white socks. This color pattern resembles Germany's colors since the 1980s onwards.[1].
  • Away colors: Leaf green jersey with white stripes (three in the manga and 1989 anime), on the neck with no collar, with the national Germany insignia and white stripes on the shoulders, white shorts and green socks. This color pattern was seen on the Tournament opening ceremony as well as for the finals against All Japan Jr.
  • In Captain Tsubasa (2001 TV series), the uniform is similar, but with a dark green shirt, black shorts and white socks.
  • West Germany Jr. - away color (SCT)
    Third colors: Rose red jersey with th white stripe on the neck with no collar, national the Germany insignia and white stripes on the shoulders, white shorts and rose red socks. This pattern color was mostly seen on the Shin Captain Tsubasa (1989 OVA), during the previous matches before the finals.

Strategy Edit

In the defense, the mysterious keeper Müller can stop any long, mid-length, no-trap or combined shoots, as an "unbeatable wall" due to his hard training with coach Guild. He was even able to stop the Hayabusa Shot, the Eagle shot, the Drive Shoot, or the powerfuls Neo Tiger Shot and the Drive Tiger Twin Shot.

The position used for the players is 4-4-2, with great defenders. On the midfield, Schester works as the "computer tactician" and center field pivot with the help of the second gamemaker Kaltz. In the offensive all the shoots are done by the "young emperor" Karl Heinz Schneider and some assists with midfielders or the other offensive top Margus.

Results Edit

International Jr. Youth Tournament Edit

Group stage

Final round

Squad Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Stein
18/1 Deuter Müller
2 Hardwich
3 Mayer
5 Magath
7 Hain
4 Max
6 Mileus
8 Hermann Kaltz
10 Franz Schester
11 Karl Heinz Schneider Captain
12 Manfred Margus

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  1. As seen in Captain Tsubasa Dream Team game.