Var Len Fort
Var Len Fort04
Japanese name ファーレン・フォルト
Nickname(s) Dutch Wall
Nationality Dutch
Position(s) Goalkeeper
First appearance
Road to 2002 chapter 15

Road to 2002 (anime) episode 39

Level Team Number
National Netherlands 1
Club Juventus FC 1

Profile Edit

Var Len Fort is the goalkeeper of the Netherlands national team. He is based on real-life player Edwin van der Sar. Though he is not as good as Wakabayashi, he is still a great goalkeeper, and also a tall and strong player as all the Dutch players.

He appeared in episode 39 with Willem Arminius at the training center of Juventus, and was humiliated by Hyuga at first. After that, he did not try to separate the more certain, as Willem and Hyuga fought without stopping.

In the game against Japan he did not need to do anything in the first half, because Japan was on the defense, but in the second half he took a goal.

Var Len Fort also appeared in the manga, as the regular keeper of Juventus FC. During the Juventus forwards shoot training, he couldn't do anything against Hyuga's Wild Tiger Shot.

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