Uruguay Youth
Japanese ウルグアイユース
Captain Ramon Victorino
Achievement World Youth Tournament Quarter-Finals

Uruguay Youth is the team which participated in the World Youth tournament held in Japan. They faced Japan Youth in the qualifer rounds of said tournament. The team was organized by Japanese coach Matilda Jinnosuke, who trained new and younger players for the team, including the "Black Panther" Ramon Victorino[1] and the "Japanese Bomber" Ryoma Hino, both of whom created the Uruguay Combi.


Friendly matches Edit

World Youth Edit

Group stage

Final tournament

  • [Quarterfinal] ● Uruguay Youth 0 - 6 Brazil Youth ○

Squad Edit

Pre World Youth Edit

World Youth Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Conzales
2 Pazu
3 Olivares
4 Amerigo
5 Filippo
6 Pedro
7 Dionigi
8 Fengas
10 Enrico
9 Ryoma Hino
11 Ramon Victorino Captain

Members Edit

Ramon Victorino
Ramon Victorino (SCT)

#11 // F Captain
Ryoma Hino
Hino RJ7 (DT)

#9 // F


  1. Who was a former member of the Uruguay Jr. Youth team