Uruguay Jr. Youth
Japanese ウルグアイジュニア(Jr.)ユース
Nationality Uruguayan
Captain N/A
Division 1st
League 3rd
Achievement Jr. Youth Tournament
3rd Places

Uruguay Jr. Youth (ウルグアイジュニア(Jr.)ユース) is the team who participated in the International Jr. Youth tournament held in France. They faced West Germany Jr. Youth in the semifinals round of said tournament.

Victorino (SCT)

Colors Edit

Uruguay Jr Youth Home (DT)
Uruguay Jr Youth Away (DT)
Uruguay Jr Youth GK(DT)


  • Home: Light blue shirt with white V-neck collar and AUF logo, black shorts and black socks with light blue on the top section.
  • Away: White shirt with light blue V-neck collar and AUF logo, white shorts and white socks with light blue on the top section.
  • Keeper: Grey shirt with black sleeves, shoulders and collar, AUF logo, black shorts and white socks.

1989 OVA: Based on the Home version, but with charcoal black shorts and socks rather than pure black. The keeper wears a dark blue collared shirt with AUF logo, dark blue shorts and white socks.


International Jr. Youth Tournament (Group Stage)
Opponent Outcome Result Notes
Belgium Belgium Jr. Youth WIN 3 - 1 Group stage Round 1
Spain Spain Jr. Youth WIN 1 - 0 Group stage Round 2
International Jr. Youth Tournament (Final Tournament)
Germany West Germany Jr. Youth LOSS 6 - 1 Semi-Final


Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
2 Daniel
8 Kain
9 Ramon Victorino

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