U-22 Denmark
Japanese U-22デンマーク
Nickname Gulliver Gundam (Gulliver Army)[1]
Captain Romendaal

Profile Edit

U-22 Denmark is the U-22 Denmark national team, which first appeared in Golden-23. Denmark served as the first opponent of U-22 Japan in a series of friendly matches in preparation for the Madrid Olympics qualifiers.

Strategy Edit

With an average of 1.84 cm[2], they are not only tall but have long limbs as well. The "Gulliver Gundam"[1] are Denmark's defense and proved to be a difficult opponent for Japan to destroy its defense.

Since Coach Nielsen was confident in Denmark's physique of nine men to defend (including midfielders), the team relied on Haas and Christiansen to score goals, despite their problematic and impulsive personalities, as the two-top forwards of the team.

Results Edit

Practice match Edit


Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1  ??
2 Gransen
3 Jensen
4 Romendaal Captain
10  ??
9 Christiansen
11 Haas

Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Said name is inspired from the Gulliver's travels novels, the most famous one being when said character ends up in a country where people are one-twelfth the size of normal human beings.
  2. Golden-23, chapter 19, page 5.