U-13 Japan
Captain Tsubasa Ozora
Achievement International U-13 tournament champion


The U-13 Japan is one of Japan's junior youth national teams. The team was the first gathering of the Japanese Golden Age, and was playing in the International U-13 tournament. The coach of the team, Tadashi Shiroyama, chose Tsubasa Ozora as the team captain, along with the best players of the 6th National junior soccer tournament. The team made a big surprise by drawing against U-13 West Germany to become co-champions. This is introduced in the 1983 TV series, but only through Tsubasa's flashbacks in his dream before the finals of the 16th National middle school tournament.



Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Genzo Wakabayashi
13 Taichi Nakanishi
17 Ken Wakashimazu
2 Shingo Takasugi
14 Ryo Ishizaki
5 Mamoru Izawa
6 Hikaru Matsuyama
7 Masao Tachibana
8 Kazuo Tachibana
10 Tsubasa Ozora Captain
11 Taro Misaki
15 Takeshi Sawada
3 Hajime Taki
4 Teppei Kisugi
9 Kojiro Hyuga
12 Kazumasa Oda


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