U-13 Japan
Japanese U-13 日本
Nickname J Boys
Captain Tsubasa Ozora
Achievement U-13 International Tournament champion

U-13 Japan is one of Japan's junior youth national teams; and the first gathering of the Golden Age Generation in Japan led by Tsubasa Ozora.


U-13 Japan had a first opportunity to play together as whole in the International U-13 tournament, organized by the Soccer Federations in France and Germany, inviting the Japan Jr. team to participate. The team is introduced in the 1983 anime, but only through mid-schooler Tsubasa's flashbacks in his dream and Kojiro's narrative on the Hospital Waiting Room the night before the finals of the 16th National middle school tournament.

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  • Home color: White jersey w/ blue and yellow stripes and white shorts (1983 anime).
  • Alternative Color: Red jersey w/ white and azure stripes, azure shorts & white socks (Europa Daikessen).

U-13 International Tournament Edit

U-13 Japan (Anime) 2
After the match where Nankatsu SC narrowly won against Meiwa FC in the 6th Elementary School tournament, Katagiri as a National Soccer Federation representative put together a team of the 16 best players in the last national tournament and traveled to Europe for the first time in the U-13 International Tournament. The coach of the team, Tadashi Shiroyama, chose Tsubasa Ozora as the team captain. Once there, they make their first acquaintance with the captain of U-13 France, Pierre. In addition, there was a first heated encounter with the giant captain Steve Robson from U-13 England, so Genzo Wakabayashi challenges him in a man against man duel, where Robson attempted to defeat Genzo outside the penalty area. However, this contest is interrupted by German superstar Karl Heinz Schneider.

During the Tournament, in Group A, U-13 Japan faced U-13 England, being able to win after some difficulties since there was many individual players and Shiroyama had to put on bench Genzo (who was defeated by Steve Robson), Kojiro (who will leave temporarily the tournament for scouting Schneider in Cologne), and the Tachibana twins.

Later on, U-13 Japan faced U-13 France led by Pierre, and even when the Japanese team was able to match the Frenchmen's elegant and tricky plays, Tsubasa made some mistakes, similar to Kojiro and Genzo, but was able to redeem himself by winning against Pierre and also thanks to the outstanding performance of Ken Wakashimazu won 2:1. U-13 Japan was impressed by Schneider's abilities but encouraged Kojiro who came back that they are not powerful due to individualistic players but as a powerful team and trust between each other.

On the last match, U-13 Japan made a big surprise to Europeans by drawing 2:2 against U-13 West Germany to become co-champions.

Captain Tsubasa: Europa Daikessen Edit

This match is the original telling of what happened in the flash-back narrated by Kojiro in Captain Tsubasa (1983 TV series). Indeed, all happened after the events of the Kids' Dream arc. There was an International Jr. Youth Tournament, organized between European countries and Katagiri representing the Japanese Soccer Federation.

In this occasion nor Schneider nor Heffner were regulars since they believe that U-13 Japan is not a worthy rival for them. Japan is not pleased with this and they promise that they will put those two in, even if they do not want to. After Japan scoring, the superstar germans entered the field, scoring 2:1 against U-13 Japan.

For the second half-time, Wakabayashi enters as goalkeeper for the second half-time in order to ease his teammates. When Schneider entered the area to score, Wakabayashi decided to close his eyes using his "Sixth Sense trick" to predict the "Feint Shoot" from Schneider by hearing the approaching sound of the ball. Later on, Tsubasa was able to make a header after the ball bounced on the goal post, being able to tie 2:2.

Finally, with a double overhead pass from both Misaki and Hyuga, Tsubasa makes a third overhead and is able to defeat Jeffner, making Japan win All Europe Jr. with a 3:2.


U-13 International Tournament Edit

Captain Tsubasa: Europa Daikessen Edit


Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Genzo Wakabayashi
13 Taichi Nakanishi
17 Ken Wakashimazu
2 Shingo Takasugi
14 Ryo Ishizaki
5 Mamoru Izawa
6 Hikaru Matsuyama
7 Masao Tachibana
8 Kazuo Tachibana
10 Tsubasa Ozora Captain
11 Taro Misaki
15 Takeshi Sawada
3 Hajime Taki
4 Teppei Kisugi
9 Kojiro Hyuga
12 Kazumasa Oda

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