Tsubasa yo Hashire! Captain Tsubasa Ouenka
06SH-1514 front
Front cover
Released 1984-06-21
Type Single
Artist(s) Captain Tsubasa Ouendan
Composer(s) Unknown
Label CBS/Sony
Catalog no. 06SH-1514
Media 1 EP
Tracks 2

Tsubasa yo Hashire! Captain Tsubasa Ouenka (翼よ走れ! -キャプテン翼応援歌-) is a EP record with the second ending of the first Captain Tsubasa TV series plus an image song, both themes performed by the Captain Tsubasa Ouendan (キャプテン翼応援団, Captain Tsubasa cheering squad). This single was originally published on 1984-06-21 by CBS/Sony.

There appear to exist two versions of the jacket, the commonly known with Sane and Tsubasa in a white background, and the other with Tsubasa in his uniform and background motif from Captain Tsubasa: Europe Daikessen.


Side AEdit

  1. Tsubasa yo Hashire! Captain Tsubasa Ouenka (翼よ走れ! -キャプテン翼応援歌-, Run Tsubasa! Captain Tsubasa rooters' song ) <3:00>

Side BEdit

  1. Captain Tsubasa Ouendan no Uta (キャプテン翼応援団のうた, Song of Captain Tsubasa cheering Squad) <2:48>


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