Toho academy - Middle school section
Toho MS (DT)
Japanese 東邦学園・中学
Nationality Japanese
Captain Kojiro Hyuga
Ken Wakashimazu[1]
Achievement 14th and 15th national middle school tournament runner-up, 16th national middle school tournament champion


Toho Academy middle school (also known as Toho Academy MS) is a top-class soccer club from a prestigious high school tournament, where later on Hyuga, Ken Wakashimazu, Takeshi Sawada and Kazuki Sorimachi were enrolled. These members -as part of the Golden Age- were the first to achieve a V-1 championship.

Strategy Edit

As for the 16th National middle school tournament, there was a well-balanced formation with keeper Wakashimazu and great stoppers in the defense, Takeshi leading the midfield and gameplay, as well as ball keep and passes for the offensive with ace striker Hyuga who has his powerful Tiger Shot and also great asistance and scoring from forward Sorimachi.

Colors Edit

Manga: Black shirt with white sleeves and black shoulder stripes, black shorts with white stripes and black socks with black stripes.

1983 anime: Navy blue shirt with sky blue sleeves and wide navy blue shoulder stripe, navy blue shorts and sky blue socks.

2001 anime: Black shirt with white sleeves and two black shoulder stripes, black shorts with white stripes and black socks with black stripes.


14th national middle school tournamentEdit

15th national middle school tournamentEdit

16th national middle school tournamentEdit

Tokyo prefecture tournament

  • [1st round] ○ Toho defeated Ishidatesan ●
  • [Final] ○ Toho 3 - 2 Musashi

Final tournament

Players Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Ken Wakashimazu
2 Kiyoshi Furuta
3 Tsuneo Takashima
5 Hiroshi Imai
6 Katsuji Kawabe
4 Hideto Koike
7 Yutaka Matsuki
8 Tadashi Shimano
15 Takeshi Sawada
9 Kazuki Sorimachi
10 Kojiro Hyuga Captain

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Notes Edit

  1. During the matches that Hyuga wasn't allowed to play, Wakashimazu acted as the team captain.