Tatsuo Mikami
Japanese name 見上 辰夫
Other names Freddy Marshall (Europe)
Freddy Frank (Latin America)
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Grey (Manga, 1983 & 1989 OVA)
Black (1994 & 2001)
Relationships Genzo Wakabayashi (pupil)
Munemasa Katagiri (former student)
Occupation Former goalkeeper of the Japanese national team, Wakabayashi's coach, Japan Jr. coach, U-19 Japan coach.
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa manga chapter 1
Tatsuo Mikami was the former goalkeeper of the Japanese national team. He is the personal coach of Genzo Wakabayashi during his grade school years. He is also known for coaching and leading All Japan Jr. Youth in the J Boys' Challenge arc.


Kids' Dream ArcEdit

He was the first to find out who Roberto really is, when he say his original way of centering in the duel between Tsubasa Ozora and his pupil Genzo Wakabayashi. He made Wakabayashi follow a hellish training before his match against Nankatsu elementary school and Tsubasa. As Wakabayashi felt depressed after taking a goal, Mikami hit him and told him that he would stop coaching him. That made Wakabayashi return to the field with more composure. At Wakabayashi's side as he was unable to play during most of the national tournament, he took care of Wakabayashi's injury in order to help him play the final match. Wanting the Japanese soccer to level up at all cost, after the tournament he was sent by the Japanese soccer organisation to West Germany. Before leaving, he asked Wakabayashi if he wanted to go with him, and Wakabayashi agreed.

U-13 International Tournament ArcEdit

Mikami was saying some works to Wakabayashi before going to the tournament to be held in France and West Germany, putting all his faith in him, as Japan's Number 1 Super Great Goalkeeper.

J Boys' Challenge ArcEdit

Mikami returned to Japan alone after three years, to see the middle school national tournament. His objective is to gather the best players to form the All Japan Jr. Youth team, in order to take part in the International Jr. Youth Tournament in France. Mikami listened to the players' wishes a lot, followed Misugi's tactical suggestions, and even accepted the decision from some of the players not to let Tsubasa play. He asked his former pupil Wakabayashi to play the role of the bad guy, in order for the team to realize the strength of the other countries. His tactical decisions proved great in the first two matches, as he kept Misaki and Misugi as secret weapons, which overturned the tide of these matches. However, he made a mistake by listening to Misugi and the Tachibana twins in the match against France, by letting them play, which left Japan with no substitutions left, only 10 players on the field, and five of them being injured in extra time. Still winning thanks to their guts, Mikami's last decision was to let Wakabayashi play the final match against West Germany Jr., and that had a huge positive consequence on the game.

Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

Starting as All Japan Youth's coach in the World Youth series, Mikami had to tell Wakashimazu that he would chose Wakabayashi as the regular keeper, ending up in Wakashimazu leaving the team. As the R.J.7 appeared, Mikami had to go through surgery for an appendicitis complicated into a peritonitis, leaving his role of coach to Gamo, though this decision wasn't motivated by his surgery but by Gamo's passion. In the end of the Asian preliminaries, Wakashimazu came back in the team, presenting his excuses to Mikami, who admitted that both of them were being stubborn, which probably came from their single-minded goalkeeper characters.

Road to 2002 Arc Edit

Mikami was U-19 Japan's coach, formed by the next age players and led by Takeshi Sawada. The team broke through the Asian preliminaries after a close match against Korea in the final match.

Golden-23 ArcEdit

There is a couple of chapters focused on the next match of Mikami's team with U-20 Japan led by Takeshi.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the Latinamerica dub he is known as "Freddy Marshall", and in the 2001 anime he was also called "Freddy Frank" (and sometimes by Genzo in the 1983 anime as well). In the European dub he is also called Freddy Marshall.