Takeshi Sawada (沢田 タケシ) is one of Japan's players and part of the Japanese New Golden Age, despite being two years younger than most of them, has good dribble techniques and feints. He has also being the captain of U-19 Japan (Golden-23). He usually wears the number "15" jersey.


Takeshi is Hyuga's partner in Meiwa FC. Trained by coach Kira as well, despite his young age (4th grade when he made his debut for the team against Nanbu FC) he's very talented. He has the utmost respect for Hyuga, and is helping him to the best of his abilities when he has troubles, though he doesn't hesitate to point out his mistakes. Takeshi was also vice captain.

Without Hyuga in Meiwa, Sawada lost the national championship to Nitta. Joining Toho Academy after Hyuga and Wakashimazu, he played a more important role as Toho's coach Makoto Kitazume didn't allow Hyuga to play. Trying his best to match Tsubasa as a playmaker who can score, he had troubles against his former teammates from Meiwa, but eventually won against them with the precious help of Sorimachi and Wakashimazu. He was among the best players of the tournament and thus, was selected in the All Japan Jr. Youth team, despite his young age.

Entering high school, Sawada was still in Toho with Hyuga and Wakashimazu, and was also selected in the All Japan Youth team. He played the match against Uruguay in the World Youth.

Sawada eventually became a pro by joining the Urawa Red Diamonds, playing with the best libero of Asia Igawa Hayato. He then became the captain and playmaker of the U-19 All Japan Youth team and lead them to the final match of the Asian preliminaries, where he learned to trust his teammates more like Tsubasa. He later joined Olympic Japan for the Asian preliminaries, where his playmaking abilities would come in handy.

Abilities and techniques Edit

Playstyle Edit

  • Dribble: Takeshi's skill-based dribbling technique uses a variety of feints and speed changes to slip past opponents.
  • Wing cross: Despite being an attacking midfielder, after dribbles, he tends to drag himself to the wings to fire crosses to Hyuga to shoot off a trap.

Combination techniques Edit

  • Toho Golden Combi: A wall pass series between Toho's Hyuga and Takeshi. The two use precise passing moves to slip through the opposition's lines of defense.
  • Meiwa Combi: A wall pass series between Meiwa's Hyuga and Takeshi. The two work their way through the opponent's defense with passing moves.
  • Meiwa Quartet (RS)
    Meiwa Quartet: The special army combination between Hyuga, Takeshi, Wakashimazu and Misaki. Originally planned by Kozo Kira on the times of Meiwa FC now applied for the Madrid Olympics, where Tsubasa plays as a double volante with Matsuyama in order to allow Takeshi to do the offensive gameplay.

Special techniques Edit

  • Toho Twin Shot: Sawada kicks the ball up high into the air, then Hyuga follows up with an overhead kick as Sawada simultaneously unleashes a jumping volley. Hyuga's shot power is much greater than Sawada's, so the ball winds and curves in a wide arc. They can also do a double overhead in this combination shot.

Games exclusive Edit

  • Skill Dribble
  • Solid Pass: A pass used by Sawada, the "Tiny Technician". It is not a special technique just emphasizes fine control, in order to guarantee that the ball arrives at the receiver.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is Ralph Mellow in the Latin American dub and Danny Mellow in some European countries.
  • He makes cameo appearences in episode 5 from Rosario + vampire
  • He scored the winning goal against Nakatsu SC during pool play when Tsubasa and Hyuga's personal battles ended in a tie.

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