Takeshi Sawada
Player 71352
Japanese name 沢田 タケシ
Nickname(s) Tiny Technician, Assist Expert
Nationality Japanese
Birthday January 2
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 12
Level Team Number
National All Japan 15, 30
Club Urawa Red Diamonds 35
Junior Toho Academy 15
Junior Meiwa FC 15

Takeshi Sawada is one of Japan's players and also part of the Japanese Golden Age, despite being two years younger than most of them. He is a player with good techniques.

Profile Edit

Sawada is Hyuga's partner in Meiwa. Trained by coach Kira as well, despite his young age he's very talented. He has the utmost respect for Hyuga, and is helping him to the best of his abilities when he has troubles, though he doesn't hesitate to point out his mistakes.

Without Hyuga in Meiwa, Sawada lost the national championship to Nitta. Joining Toho after Hyuga and Wakashimazu, he played a more important role as Toho's coach Kitazume didn't allow Hyuga to play. Trying his best to match Tsubasa as a playmaker who can score, he had troubles against his former teammates from Meiwa, but eventually won against them with the precious help of Sorimachi and Wakashimazu. He was among the best players of the tournament and thus, was selected in the All Japan Jr. Youth team, despite his young age.

Entering high school, Sawada was still in Toho with Hyuga and Wakashimazu, and was also selected in the All Japan Youth team. He played the match against Uruguay in the World Youth.

Sawada eventually became a pro by joining the Urawa Red Diamonds, playing with the best libero of Asia Igawa Hayato. He then became the captain and playmaker of the U-20 All Japan Youth team and lead them to the final match of the Asian preliminaries, where he learned to trust his teammates more like Tsubasa. He later joined the U-22 Olympic team for the Asian preliminaries, where his playmaking abilities would come in handy.

Special techniques Edit

  • Toho Golden Combi
  • Toho Twin Shoot

Games exclusive Edit

Image Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His name is Ralph Mellow in the Latin American dub.

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