Takeshi Kishida (浦辺 反次, Kishida Takeshi) is a full-back defender who was part of U-22 Japan and Shimizu S-Pulse in the J1 League. He wears the number "24" for Japan Youth.

Profile Edit

Kids' DreamEdit

Captain of the Yamabuki elementary school soccer team. During the match between Shutetsu and Nankatsu, he wanted to play in the game to replace Ishizaki, thus started a contest against Urabe, but eventually lost to a 3rd contestant, Misaki. After that he admitted that they were way under Misaki's level. He made it into the Nankatsu city selection team, becoming a regular defender.

Boys' FightEdit

Kishida didn't join Nankatsu and followed Urabe to the soccer team of Otomo. The two of them, along with Nakayama and Nishio, formed the Otomo Quartet. They trained like crazy to be able to follow Tsubasa's moves, running at least 30 kilometers everyday, however they still lost the match against Nankatsu, despite putting up a good fight. During the 16th middle school nationals, Kishida was a supporter together with Urabe and the Otomo gang as part of his captain's bet with Ishizaki up to the finals of the Tournament.

J Boys' ChallengeEdit

Tsubasa, after three weeks of recovery, faced the Otomo Quartet and Otomo's goalkeeper was able to beat them with his now increased abillities as both gamemaker and his amazing Drive Shot. Later on, during the International Jr. World Cup in Europe, Kishida was also a supporter with his Otomo friends and the Nankatsu gang at the Ozora's house watching the TV live matches.

Battle of World YouthEdit

He then joined Urabe as a regular for Nankatsu Public high school and was part of the middle school national tournament, where they competed against Hyuga and Toho Academy high school.

In the World Youth, he took part in the 1st round of the Asian preliminaries, while most of the regulars were excluded to train individually. He even got injured while defending eagerly.

Road to 2002Edit

Kishida joined the Shimizu S-Pulse in the J-League together with Morisaki, and seemed to be a regular.


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Playstyle techniques Edit

  • Precise Pass: This pass uses a precise kick that travels at a trajectory that makes it difficult for defenders to intercept.

Offensive techniques Edit

  • Sliding Block: This block technique stops the opponent's shot with a sliding kick. It requires that the player possess the perceptive ability to predict the trajectory of the shot, as well as the reflexes and physical agility to react at lightning-fast speed.

Special techniques Edit

  • Diving Save
  • Shark Tackle: A gutsy tackle used by "Shark Kishida". Unafraid of being struck by his opponent's feet, he throws himself head-first towards the ball to snatch it away.

Combination techniques Edit

  • Otomo Quartet

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  • His name is Charlie Custer in his introduction but was also called Raúl in the Latin American dub.
  • He is also known as Charlie Custer in some European countries.