Takashi Sugimoto
Japanese name 杉本 高史
Nickname(s) Swindler of the Field
Nationality Japanese
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
World Youth chapter 14
Level Team Number
National Japan
Club Gamba Osaka 0

Profile Edit

A midfielder of the Real Japan 11. He calls himself the Swindler of the Field, since his play style is tricking the opponent on the field. When he first appeared, he was using the false name Koji Yoshikawa (吉川 晃司) and speaking in Tokyo dialect. After losing to the 7 excluded members of All Japan, he revealed his real name and used Kansai dialect.

He was among the members participating in the training camp for the World Youth, but was not chosen in the end.

Special techniques Edit

  • Fraud Feint
  • Fraud Shoot

Trivia Edit

  • Sugimoto is the one who gave Ryoma Hino's shoot the name Dragon Shoot.
  • His name and appearance are a reference to the comedian Sanma Akashiya, whose real name is Takafumi Sugimoto.

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