Taichi Nakanishi
Japanese name 中西 太一
Nickname(s) Giant Keeper
Nationality Japanese
Position(s) Goalkeeper
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 17
Level Team Number
Youth national U-13 Japan 13
Junior Tatsunami 1
Junior Naniwa FC 1

Profile Edit

Nakanishi is the giant goalkeeper of the Naniwa team. He appeared as a good keeper, with quick reflexes despite his large body. When he first met Tsubasa, he said that since Wakabayashi wasn't there, the best keeper of the tournament would be him. However, in the match between Nankatsu and Naniwa, Tsubasa had proved that Nakanishi was way under Wakabayashi by scoring from outside the penalty area. The match ended up in a 5-1 victory for Nankatsu. Tsubasa told him that if he had put all his spirit properly into taking the ball he might have succeeded.

In middle school, their team aimed for the qualification for the third consecutive year nationwide, however they were defeated by Soda and the Azumaichi team.

In Golden 23, he was chosen as a member of the Japanese Olympic team.

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  • He is known as Theo Sellers in some European countries.
  • He is known as Borginni in some Latin American countries.