Street Team
Street Team (CTJ PSX)
CTJ: Get in the Tomorrow PSX
Nationality Japanese
Captain Ken Misaka
First appearance CTJ: Get in the Tomorrow PSX
This is a "street gang" team which is following All Japan Youth steps, since some players are fond of Tsubasa as well as they really want to beat them. The most powerful midfielder players and the two-top forwards all use a mysterious shoot to counter Hyuga's Tiger Shot, Nitta's Hayabusa Shoot and the rest of ace striker shoots in order to beat karate goalkeeper Wakashimazu.

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In the All Japan Youth and Real Japan 7 chapters, during the Asian Preliminaries, after beating Chinese Taipei Youth, this special team appears within All Japan Youth training camp to challenge them before the Holland Youth Arc, in a match without Tsubasa (who is playing for São Paulo FC) and another one during the Asian Preliminaries Arc with Tsubasa as captain of the team.

First match Edit

Hyuga vs Misaka (Street Team)

Hyuga vs Misaka


In level 5 (story mode), the top two players use essentially a special technique called "Death Crash" Shoot, which Ken Wakashimazu can't counter and must be stopped as soon as possible. In this encounter, Hyuga, Nitta and Soda are quite reliable.

Afterwards, Japan Youth faces Netherlands Youth.

Second match Edit

Street Team after match (CTJ PSX)

Misaka after facing Tsubasa.


After the three matches against Real Japan 7 (where main 7 top non-overseas Japanese players have to leave the team)[1], Tsubasa returns from Brazil as captain, in order to face Chinese Taipei just like the anime and then Street Team shows up once more.

In level 12 (story mode), some players reveal they are true Tsubasa's fans. In order to be able to win, this time the best to use are Tsubasa's Drive Shoot and Matsuyama's Eagle Shot only, since they are the best available for now and can beat the opponent team. Yuzo Morisaki is not a reliable GK, so sliding tackles are required to stop the offensive rival players.

After the match, the players say their farewells and Japan Youth is ready to face Thailand Youth.

Colors Edit

  1. Home colors: Charcoal black uniform w/ light grey collar and stripes.

Strategy Edit

  • The team's main forte is the Death Crash shoot, which has four variants depending on who uses it: blue (Hibiki), yellow (Ikeda), red (Misaka) and green (Foreman).
  • In addition, each of the four main players can use another special shot: Snake Shot (Misaka), Satan Crash (Hibiki), Hyper Shot (Foreman) and Long Shoot (Ikeda).
  • Misaka and Ikeda can use a pass-based attack named Tsutenkaku Attack.
  • Misaka and Foreman can use a twin shot named Black Stream.

Players Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Masaru Ooki
2 Tooru Fujiwara
3 Masatake Chiba
4 Shinji Sakurai
7 Satoru Takaoka
10 Kyogo Hibiki
12 Ichiro Ikeda
5 Kazutoshi Shinohara
8 Satoshi Ishii
9 Ken Misaka Captain
11 Bob Foreman

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  1. Which was a Japan Youth without golden generation players such as ace striker Hyuga and gamemaker Misaki, striker Nitta, and top defenders Jito, Soda, and the Tachibana Twins