Shutetsu institute soccer club

Japanese 修哲小学校
Nationality Japanese
Captain Genzo Wakabayashi
Achievement Being a National school champion
Being champion in Nankatsu City's 26th school tournament
Having 5-6 players selected for Nankatsu SC.

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The Shutesu team ruled the first places of every tournament until Tsubasa Ozora joins Nankatsu and their formed Nankatsu SC. Shutetsu's team was built around Izawa, with him being the game maker, Kisugi scoring all the goals in the box, and Taki using his special sideline dribble and his good crossing to dominate games. Wakabayshi was the elite keeper, the "Super Great Goalkeeper" (S.G.G.K.), with no goals being scored against him the year before Shutetsu was merged with Nankatsu and the best players of other soccer club teams in Nankatsu city.

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Home: White shirt with white polo collar with black stripe, black S.F.C. on the chest, black shorts and white socks.

Keeper: Wakabayashi wears a red jersey with black S.F.C. on the chest, white collar, black pants with three white stripes and a red Adidas cap with Adidas trefoil logo.

1983 Manga: Based on the manga, but with home shirt being aqua with white collar with a red stripe, red shorts and aqua socks with white top. Wakabayashi wears an orange jersey with white collar, carmine red pants and a red cap with the Nankatsu elementary school green and yellow round N logo and the writing "W. Genzo".

1994 Anime: Pink shirt with pink collar with white stripe and black S logo, white shorts with black edges and pink shorts with white top section. The goalkeeper uniform worn by Wakabayashi is similar to the Manga version, but without the logo on the jersey, the pants being plain black (without stripes on the sides) and the cap being a plain red cap.

2001 Anime: White shirt with black collar with red stripe, black SFC on the chest, red numbers, black shorts and white socks. Wakabayashi wears an uniform similar to the one he wore in the manga, but with the cap having a black "S" logo. Morisaki wears a teal green jersey with black collar with red stripe, black pants.

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With Wakabayashi as their superstar keeper, the team feels relieved to score, as they trust no one will be capable of scoring a goal to him, specially if it is outside the penalty area. Their attack pattern is indeed a superb defense with Wakabayashi, Takasugi as a wall defense stopper, Izawa as gamemaker in the midfield, and Taki and Kisugi as two-top forwards. In the 2018 version. They rely on the midfielders to stretch the defense wide before crossing the ball back to the middle, as the mid-line attack was easily thwarted by a vastly improved Nankatsu, especially with Tsubasa starting off as a centre-back/sweeper.

Torikago Edit

Torikago (CTJ)
Torikago, also known as birdcage or cage tactics, is a rather controversial tactic that is used to save time and keep your opponent in your own space. In an attack, while the opposing team is forced into defensive, so that they can not move and is locked up like birds in a cage. The members of the team adjust in front of the opponent's goal, the ball uninterruptedly by means of back and cross passports and keep it in its own ranks. If the opponent storms forward to get the ball back, the team has the advantage and can flank this in front of goal and the opponent risks a shot on goal. As a result, the opposing team is totally confused and the attackers can spend time.

In the manga, this tactic is performed and demonstrated by the players of Shutetsu in the game against Nankatsu on Genzo Wakabayashi's instructions. In 2018 remake, and according to Roberto Hongo, it is a highly advanced professional strategy. The only way to break through the tactic is to find the numerical advantage on each flank of the field, predict and intercept the next pass.

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Main team

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Genzo Wakabayashi Captain
17 Yuzo Morisaki (2001) [2]
2 Shimada
3 Watanabe Matsuno
4 Nakamoto
6 Shingo Takasugi
5 Yoshioka Kurata
7 Akiyoshi Osaki
8 Kitajima Inamura
10 Mamoru Izawa
9 Teppei Kisugi
11 Hajime Taki

Shutetsu B-team

Shutetsu B-Team
A secondary team with all substitute players that originally were to use Nankatsu's public soccer field after all Nankatsu sport club captains failed to score against S.G.G.K. Genzo Wakabayashi but later Tsubasa regained the field for Ryo Ishizaki and the Nankatsu gang. The team had few skills compared to the Main team (such as the Shutetsu quartet), but at least have good defensive level. However, Tsubasa was able to dribble and trick the ten players and jump to do a diving header towards Wakabayashi's goal, and was able to score against him after an assistance of Roberto Hongo.

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  • The team is called San Francis in the Latin American dub  and Saint Francis in the European dub.

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  1. Final score unknown, most likely 0-0.
  2. Substitute keepr for Wakabayashi.