Sho Hi
Japanese name 飛 翔
Nickname(s) Mysterious Bird
Nationality Chinese
Birthday October 21
Height 203 cm (BWY)
Weight 95 kg (BWY)
Blood type O
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
World Youth Hen (1994) chapter 23 "Send it to Tsubasa!!"
Level Team Number
Youth National China Youth 9

Sho Hi (飛 翔, Hi Shō), Chinese: Fēi Xiáng, is the 2-meter tall forward of China Youth. He and Chumei O are childhood friends.

Hi is a specialist of headers, and is the main source of China Youth's goals.


Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

During the day of the nationwide selection test to choose the members of China Youth, Hi entered together with his childhood friend, O. At first, it seemed that Hi didn't stand a chance against the other participants, since he lacked stamina and could neither dribble nor juggle. However, during the most important test - the practice test - thanks to O's passes and Hi's specialty, headers, he managed to score 3 goals and was selected into China Youth.

Before the tournament, Hi, along with the rest of the team, had to undergo a hellish training. With his efforts and the help of O, Hi managed to improve and correct his weaknesses during this training.

Chapter of the Asian Youth Championship

For the 2nd round of the Asian preliminaries, China's first match is against UAE. Here, Hi manages to score a hat-trick, allowing China to win 3-0. They then proceed to beat their second opponent, Uzbekistan, 2-0.

China's next opponent is Japan. Early in the match, Hi already does a successful header, after jumping much higher than Japan's Hiroshi Jito. He and the rest of the team expects Genzo Wakabayashi to punch the ball away so that they can put the repelled ball into the goal, since the latter has both hands injured and is unable to catch the ball. However, to everyone's surprise, Wakabayashi catches the header.

Soon, Hi has another chance for a header. However, Wakabayashi comes out of the goal to get the ball before it reaches Hi's head. Hi's already going for a header though, so his head hits Wakabayashi's hand. Strangely, Wakabayashi is in pain because of that, and Hi's action is judged as a foul. Japan scores a goal right after that, but Wakabayashi's unusual reaction makes Hi realizes that the former's hands aren't healed, he just did not have painkiller injections in order to get his grip back. Therefore, Hi asks his teammates to keep sending him the ball, since Wakabayashi's hands will not last longer.

Japan notices China's tactic however, and begins to use the offside trap and Masao Tachibana's Skylab technique to counter that and protect Wakabayashi's hands. The difference soon becomes 2 goals.

China continues to attack. Eventually, O and Shunjin Go manage to set up a chance for Hi. Hi goes for another header, but Jun Misugi, using the Tachibanas' Skylab to jump as high as the former, blocks it. Hi doesn't give up however and use his leg to shoot on the loose ball instead. Wakabayashi seemingly catches the shot, but just as China expected, his hand can no longer catch any shots, as the ball slips away from his hand. Hi then immediately dives towards the ball and scores. Still, Japan scores an additional goal right before the end of the first half.

During the second half, China releases their ace, Shunko Sho. Sho soon sets up another heading chance for Hi. This time, since Masao has leg cramps, Hi manages to jump higher. His header is punched away by Wakabayashi, who finally has painkiller injections and reverts to a punching keeper, but China still gets a goal thanks to Sho.

Later, China manages to defeat Japan's golden combi, Tsubasa Ozora and Taro Misaki, thanks to a cooperative play between Go, Hi and O. After that, Sho scores the tying goal for China.

In the end however, with Tsubasa playing at full strength, Japan scores 3 more goals, and China loses 3-6. Also, the ace Sho is injured again, forcing China to play their last match against Saudi Arabia without him. Despite putting up a good fight, China still loses 0-1, and is thus eliminated from the tournament.

Abilities and Special techniques Edit

  • Heading specialist: Being a 2-meter tall forward, Hi can jump above the keeper and score with his headers. Also, he can do many different kinds of header depending on the situation, even from outside the penalty area.

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