Shinnosuke Kazami
Japanese name 風見 信之助
Nickname(s) Futsal Combi
Nationality Japanese
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
Golden 23 chapter 1
Level Team Number
National Japan 25
Junior Jirosei

Profile Edit

Shinnosuke Kazami is a member of the Real Japan 11. He and Kotaro Furukawa are also parts of the Japanese futsal national team.

Although he and Furukawa were in the famous high school soccer team Jirosei and had played in the National Inter school championship, they never received offers from the J-League after they graduated. So, they decided to change to futsal. During the time they were playing in the Kanto futsal league, coach Minato Gamo invited them to join the RJ11. However they decided that futsal would take priority, and then went through the Asian preliminaries with their futsal team. Still, from the inside they want to turn back to soccer. Coach Kozo Kira noticed that and persuaded them to try one more time. Since they had stopped soccer for a long time, at first they met some difficulties with things in soccer like sliding tackles or shoulder charges, however they soon overcame all of that, and gave the other members of All Japan a hard time in the training camp.

With their superior futsal techniques, they perform very well in Japan's friendly matches. As a result, they were selected among the final members of All Japan.

Special techniques Edit

  • Crayfish Backstep
  • Backstep Dribble
  • Pivot Leg Pass
  • Toe Poke Shoot

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