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Shin Captain Tsubasa Original Animation Soundtrack
Shin Captain Tsubasa (OST)
Front cover
Released 1989-07-01
Type OST album
Artist(s) JETZT, Akari Hibino, Eiko Hisamura, Chika Sakamoto, Shoko Suzuki
Composer(s) Unknown
Label Epic/Sony
Catalog no. 22·8H-5103
Media 1 CD
Tracks 6

Shin Captain Tsubasa Original Animation Soundtrack (新キャプテン翼 オリジナル・アニメーション・サウンドトラック) is the soundtrack CD album of the 1989 original video animation Shin Captain Tsubasa. This CD was originally released on 1989-07-01. The album was also released as an audio cassette with catalog no. 20·6H-5103.


  1. So Long Dear Friend (performed by JETZT)
  2. Europe no Kaze (ヨーロッパの風) <BGM>
  3. Shouri e no Kick Off (勝利へのキック・オフ) <BGM>
  4. Moete Hero '89 (燃えてヒーロー'89) (performed by Akari Hibino, Eiko Hisamura and Chika Sakamoto)
  5. Tsubasa no Haeta Drive Shoot <BGM>;翼のはえたドライブ・シュート
  6. Saigo no First Kiss (最後のファーストキッス) (performed by Shoko Suzuki)



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