Shin Captain Tsubasa (新・キャプテン翼, translated as New Captain Tsubasa) is a Japanese original video animation (OVA) series animated by Animate Film and produced by CBS Sony Group and Shueisha. The OVA was released from 1989-07-01 to 1990-07-01 in a total of 13 episodes.


The OVA continues the story immediately after the end of the Boys' Fight arc, which is based in the last part of the original manga, the J Boys' challenge story arc, where All Japan Jr. Youth (Golden Generation) is finally gathered to be able to compete and overcome their flaws and difficulties in order to fight at a International Level, with strong European and South American teams for the first time.

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# Title Released
1 Spread Your Wings, Tsubasa! Toward the World Challenge! (翼よはばたけ! 世界への挑戦; Tsubasa yo Habatake! Sekai e no Chosen) 1989-07-01
2 Defeat! A New Start from Zero (敗北! ゼロからの再出発; Haiboku! Zero kara no Saishuppatsu) 1989-08-02
3 The Revival of the Golden Combination! (復活! ゴールデン・コンビ; Fukkatsu! Golden Combi) 1989-09-01
4 Reunited! The World Rivals (集結! 世界のライバルたち; Shuketsu! Sekai no Rival-tachi) 1989-10-08
5 Confrontation! Defeat Hernandez (対決! ヘルナンデスを倒せ; Taiketsu! Hernandez o Taose) 1989-11-01
6 Blast Off! J-Boys Football! (発進! J-BOYSサッカー; Hasshin! J-Boys Soccer) 1989-12-01
7 White Hot! The Genius Diaz vs. Japan (白熱! 天才ディアス対全日本; Hakunetsu! Tensai Diaz Tai Zennippon) 1989-12-21
8 Battle! Clash of the Four Best (決戦! ベスト4の激突; Kessen! Best 4 no Gekitotsu) 1990-02-01
9 Counterattack! Break the Hometown Decision (反撃! ホームタウンディシジョンを破れ; Hangeki! Hometown Decision o Yabure) 1990-03-01
10 Fierce Battle! Bloody Ultimate Defense (激闘! 血まみれの死守; Gekito! Chimamire no Shishu) 1990-03-01
11 Decisive Victory! Challenge the Steel Giant (決勝! 鋼鉄の巨人に挑め; Kessho! Kotetsu no Kyojin ni Idome) 1990-05-01
12 Pursuit! Has the Number One in the World Seen This? (追撃! 世界一が見えた?; Tsuigeki! Sekaiichi ga Mieta?) 1990-06-01
13 Soar, Tsubasa! The Oath to the Great Skies (翼よ翔け! 大空への誓い; Tsubasa yo Habatake! Oozora e no Chikai) 1990-07-01

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  • Since the manga was released in 1989, this Jr. World Cup is still considered as U-16 Tournament, although the FIFA 1991 age group increased it by one year (U-17 Jr. Youth).

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