Shin Captain Tsubasa
New Captain Tsubasa
Shin Captain Tsubasa (OST)
Cover of the OST
OVA series
Chief director Osamu Sekita
Scenario Satoshi Namiki
Music Osamu Totsuka
Studio Animate Film
CBS Sony Group
Released 1989-07-01 to 1990-07-01
Runtime 30 mins. per episode

Shin Captain Tsubasa (新・キャプテン翼, Shin. Kyaputen Tsubasa, translated as New Captain Tsubasa) is a Japanese original video animation (OVA) series animated by Animate Film and produced by CBS Sony Group and Shueisha. The OVA was released from 1989-07-01 to 1990-07-01 in a total of 13 episodes.

The OVA continues the story immediately after the end of the Boys' Fight arc, which is based in the last part of the original manga, the J Boys' challenge story arc, where All Japan Jr. Youth (Golden Generation) is finally gathered to be able to compete and overcome their flaws and difficulties in order to fight at a International Level, with strong European and South American teams for the first time.

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# Title Released
1 Spread Your Wings, Tsubasa! Toward the World Challenge! (翼よはばたけ! 世界への挑戦; Tsubasa yo Habatake! Sekai e no Chosen) 1989-07-01
2 Defeat! A New Start from Zero (敗北! ゼロからの再出発; Haiboku! Zero kara no Saishuppatsu) 1989-08-02
3 The Revival of the Golden Combination! (復活! ゴールデン・コンビ; Fukkatsu! Golden Combi) 1989-09-01
4 Reunited! The World Rivals (集結! 世界のライバルたち; Shuketsu! Sekai no Rival-tachi) 1989-10-08
5 Confrontation! Defeat Hernandez (対決! ヘルナンデスを倒せ; Taiketsu! Hernandez o Taose) 1989-11-01
6 Blast Off! J-Boys Football! (発進! J-BOYSサッカー; Hasshin! J-Boys Soccer) 1989-12-01
7 White Hot! The Genius Diaz vs. Japan (白熱! 天才ディアス対全日本; Hakunetsu! Tensai Diaz Tai Zennippon) 1989-12-21
8 Battle! Clash of the Four Best (決戦! ベスト4の激突; Kessen! Best 4 no Gekitotsu) 1990-02-01
9 Counterattack! Break the Hometown Decision (反撃! ホームタウンディシジョンを破れ; Hangeki! Hometown Decision o Yabure) 1990-03-01
10 Fierce Battle! Bloody Ultimate Defense (激闘! 血まみれの死守; Gekito! Chimamire no Shishu) 1990-03-01
11 Decisive Victory! Challenge the Steel Giant (決勝! 鋼鉄の巨人に挑め; Kessho! Kotetsu no Kyojin ni Idome) 1990-05-01
12 Pursuit! Has the Number One in the World Seen This? (追撃! 世界一が見えた?; Tsuigeki! Sekaiichi ga Mieta?) 1990-06-01
13 Soar, Tsubasa! The Oath to the Great Skies (翼よ翔け! 大空への誓い; Tsubasa yo Habatake! Oozora e no Chikai) 1990-07-01

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  • Since the manga was released in 1989, this Jr. World Cup is still considered as U-16 Tournament, although the FIFA 1991 age group increased it by one year (U-17 Jr. Youth).

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