Shin Captain Tsubasa
New Captain Tsubasa
Shin Captain Tsubasa (OST)
OVA series
Chief director Osamu Sekita
Scenario Studio Aqua
Music Osamu Totsuka
Studio Studio Aqua
Studio WHO
Toei (distribution)
Released 1989-07-01 to 1990-07-01
Runtime 30 mins. per episode

Shin Captain Tsubasa (新・キャプテン翼, Shin. Kyaputen Tsubasa, translated as New Captain Tsubasa) is a Japanese OVA[1] series produced by CBS Sony Group Inc. and Shueisha, and released from 1989-07-01 to 1990-07-01 in 13 episodes. This story continues inmediately after the end of the Boys' Fight arc, which is based in the last part of the original manga, the J Boys' challenge arc, where All Japan Jr. Youth (Golden Generation) is finally gathered to be able to compete and overcome their flaws and difficulties in order to fight at a International Level, with strong European and South American teams for the first time.

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  • Since the manga was released in 1989, this Jr. World Cup is still considered as U-16 Tournament, although the FIFA 1991 age group increased it by one year (U-17 Jr. Youth).

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  • Opening Theme: "So Long Dear Friend" by JETZT


  • Ending Theme: "Saigo no First Kiss" (最後のファーストキッス) by Shoko Suzuki
Shin Captain Tsubasa Ending HD

Shin Captain Tsubasa Ending HD

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  1. Which stands for "Original Video Animation".