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Sanae Ozora
Japanese name 大空 早苗
Other names Sanae Nakazawa (birth name)
Anego (nickname)
Nationality Japanese
Birthday April 11
Blood type A
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Black
Relationships Tsubasa Ozora (husband)
Kodai Ozora (father-in-law)
Natsuko Ozora (mother-in-law)
Daichi Ozora (brother-in-law)
Atsushi Nakazawa (brother)
Unnamed mother
Occupation Former manager of Nankatsu SC
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 3

Sanae Ozora (born Nakazawa) used to live in Nankatsu, Shizuoka and was the chief of the Nankatsu Cheerleaders. Thus she loves to support people who give their best to achieve their goals and dreams. As soon as meeting Tsubasa Ozora for the first time she became his biggest fan and developed a crush on him.

Synopsis Edit

Captain Tsubasa Arc Edit

Sanae Nakazawa is introduced in the third chapter on page 26. She was part of the Nankatsu supporters club. She had a tomboy character and always acted as a bossy big sister. She fell in love with Tsubasa at first sight, therefore she became a supporter of the soccer club exclusively, and particularly of Tsubasa. She was the target of some jokes because of her boyish attitude. She was jealous of Yayoi, as she showed some interest in Tsubasa in the past. However, it didn't last long since Yayoi cared more about Misugi then. There was a time Sanae admitted that she might wish for Tsubasa's defeat, as it would allow him to stay in Japan but she still supported him to the end.

Sanae lost her boyish attitude as she grew up, becoming more feminine. She became a manager for the soccer club. Still in love with Tsubasa, she always wanted to be by his side. Since Tsubasa was going to go to Brazil as soon as he graduated, Sanae always wanted to confess her feelings to Tsubasa , but she couldn't. Moreover, she had Kumi Sugimoto as her rival for Tsubasa's love. However, after the International Jr. Youth Tournament, Tsubasa confessed his love to Sanae. She was the only one seeing Tsubasa when he was about to leave for Brazil.

Chr m 006

Sanae as the supporter leader

San at school

Sanae at school

World Youth Arc Edit

Sanae was pretty depressed since she couldn't see Tsubasa for 3 years. Following Yukari's advice, she worked in order to go see Tsubasa in Brazil. In Brazil, since Tsubasa had moved, she couldn't find him. However, when she was about to leave Brazil, she was able to meet Tsubasa and managed to spend some time with him. After coming back to Japan, she was among All Japan Youth supporters club, retrieving her cheerfulness and a bit of her "Anego" character. Supporting Tsubasa and Japan until the end of the World Youth, she gladly accepted Tsubasa's proposal, finally marrying him.
184-185 copy

Tsubasa kissed Sanae

Tsubasa wedding

Sanae and Tsubasa's wedding party

Road to 2002/Golden 23 Arc Edit

Married to Tsubasa Ozora, they moved together to Barcelona, Spain. When Tsubasa was demoted to Barcelona's B team, she said that her husband wasn't the kind of man to be discouraged by that. Sanae was the first to notice that there was something wrong with Tsubasa, when he started to feel too much pressure. Soon after the El Clasico, Sanae was pregnant, and to the joy of the couple, Tsubasa scored during a match in the liga for his wife and his soon to be born baby.

Trivia Edit

  • Sanae's nickname in grade school was "Anego", which means "older sister" and refers to her tomboy character.
  • Her nickname in Middle and High School was "Manager" because she was one of the Schools Soccer Club managers.
  • Sanae has crush on Tsubasa since she was an elementary school student.
  • Her name is Patty in the Latin American Dub

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