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Salvatore Gentile
Japanese name サルバトーレ・ジェンティーレ
Nickname(s) Italy's Nova, Catenaccio Prodigy
Nationality Italian
Birthday February 24
Position(s) Libero
First appearance
World Youth chapter 5
Level Team Number
National Italy 6
Club Juventus 5
Club Juventus Primavera 6

Salvatore Gentile is a defender of Italy Youth and Juventus, acknowledged to be Europe's best libero and is considered the successor of Franco Baresi

Profile Edit

Gentile's first appearance was in the game between Inter Milan Primavera and Juventus Primavera. As Inter was winning 1-0 thanks to Shingo Aoi's performance, he insisted on getting on the field (despite being supposed to be transferred to the main team after that match, and risking a senseless injury) explicitly for stopping him. For the rest of the match, he completely blocked Shingo's attempts at breaking through and allowed Juventus to reverse the score. After the final whistle, he ridiculed Shingo and his technique, and insulted him as a "Giapponese" (Italian for 'Japanese'), meaning someone who is hopelessly bad at soccer.

During his stay in Japan, Aoi, humiliated and angered by Gentile's victory and arrogance, learned the Chokkaku Feint, to defeat the defense specialist. However, after Gino Hernandez showed Gentile a video of Shingo using his new technique during the match against Saudi Arabia Youth, Gentile studied it, even though he claimed that he wasn't concerned at all, and learned to use the counter move, the Chokkaku Defense, managing to beat Shingo again in their second duel, at the welcome party for the World Youth (during which he again showcased his arrogance and conceit for Japan).

Their first match in the World Youth was against Uruguay; however, despite having the two defense specialists, Italy was unable to hold down Uruguay, and Gentile (together with Gino) was injured in his right leg by Hino's Tornado Shoot, and therefore could not play against Mexico. Without them, Italy only managed a draw against Mexico, which meant Italy couldn't pass the group stage. Still, during the last match against Japan, he and Gino insisted to play the last 15 minutes, to have a last duel with Shingo and to go back to Italy after using their soccer to the last. He gave a spirited performance, but during the last attack from Japan, Shingo used a newly-developed technique, the Chokkaku Tatsumaki Feint, and won the duel, going to score the last goal; at this point, Gentile (struck by the fact that Shingo had used his new technique, even though he could have just used his speed to overcome him because of his injury) finally admitted that he had been surpassed, yet warned Shingo that it was his turn to be ran after, and that their duel was merely beginning.

He later had a minor appearance, playing for the main Juventus (Piemonte in the anime) team, when Hyuga came to play in Italy, greeting him at the airport.

Special techniques Edit

  • Right Angle Defense

Games exclusive Edit


  • It is heavily hinted that he was inspired by real-life Italian player Claudio Gentile, who played for Juventus and was noted for his rough man-marking; his rivalry and antagonism towards the athletic Aoi is reminiscent of Gentile's marking of Argentine player Diego Armando Maradona during the FIFA 1982 World Cup, and the former's contemptuous remark that "football is not for ballerinas".
  • In the Captain Tsubasa J games, Gentile is a forward instead of a defender.

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