Rising Sun (RS) is the latest and current story arc of the narrative of the Captain Tsubasa series. It takes place after the "Golden-23" and "Overseas Fierce Fights" arcs, and covers mainly Olympic Japan quest to win the gold medal at the the Madrid Olympics. The storyline is published in the manga Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun.


Manga chapters that cover RSEdit

No. Chapter name
1 "Liga's glory" (リーガの栄光)
2 "23/33" [originally misspelt "23/38" in magazine serialization]
3 "Champion's true worth" (強豪の真価)
4 "The spirit to cheer up" (奮い立つ心)
5 "The decision of the overseas group" (海外組の決意)
6 "In waves! Overseas group" (波状!海外組)
7 "The chosen ones" (選ばれし者たち)
8 "The fated drawing of lots" (運命の組み合わせ)
9 "The rest of a soldier" (戦士の休息)
10 "The Madrid Olympics are beginning" (マドリッド五輪サッカー開幕)
11 "Michael's miracle" (ミカエルの奇蹟)
12 "Camp Nou, the dream stage" (夢の舞台カンプノウ)
13 "Opening art" (オープニングアート)
14 "It whirls around! "The eye of a typhoon"" (渦を巻く!“台風の目”)
15 "The other genius" (もう一人の天才)
16 "Contest of geniuses" (天才たちの競演)
17 "Another golden combination" (もう一つの黄金コンビ)
18 "Proof of growth" (成長の証)
19 "Dutch prestige" (オランダの威信)
20 "Stijn and Brian" (スタインとブライアン)
21 "Trap of lions" (獅子たちの罠)
22 "SGGK's gamble" (SGGKの賭け)
23 "Chain attack" (連撃)
24 "Argentina's superiority" (アルゼンチンの雄)
25 "Glorious festival" (栄光の祭典)
26 "A man named Diaz" (ディアスという男)
27 "Miracle overhead" (ミラクルオーバーヘッド)
28 "Miracle overhead 2" (ミラクルオーバーヘッド②)
29 "Argentina's artillery" (アルゼンチンの大砲)
30 "Special corner kick" (必殺のコーナーキック)
31 "End to end" (エンド・トゥ・エンド)
32 "Japan's treasure" (日本の宝)
33 "Diaz' Trap" (ディアスの罠)

Match results in the storylineEdit

Pre-Olympic practice matchesEdit

Japan Japan 7 - 0 New Zealand New Zealand
Japan Japan 5 - 1 New Zealand New Zealand
Japan Japan 4 - 1 New Zealand New Zealand
Japan Japan 8 - 0 Mexico Mexico
Brazil Brazil def. Belgium Belgium

Madrid OlympicsEdit

Group stageEdit

Group A
Spain Spain 3 - 0 Cameroon Cameroon
USA USA def. New Zealand New Zealand
Spain Spain def. USA USA
Cameroon Cameroon def. New Zealand New Zealand
Spain Spain def. New Zealand New Zealand
USA USA def. Cameroon Cameroon
Group B
France France def. Ghana Ghana
Mexico Mexico tied South Korea South Korea
France France def. Mexico Mexico
South Korea South Korea tied Ghana Ghana
France France def. South Korea South Korea
Mexico Mexico def. Ghana Ghana
Group C
Japan Japan 4 - 1 Netherlands Netherlands
Argentina Argentina 5 - 2 Nigeria Nigeria
Netherlands Netherlands 4 - 3 Nigeria Nigeria
Japan Japan 3 - 2 Argentina Argentina
Japan Japan 3 - 0 Nigeria Nigeria
Argentina Argentina 4 - 3 Netherlands Netherlands
Group D
Brazil Brazil 6 - 2 China China
Germany Germany 3 - 0 Senegal Senegal
Brazil Brazil def. Senegal Senegal
Germany Germany def. China China
Brazil Brazil 4 - 4 Germany Germany
China China tied Senegal Senegal


Spain Spain 6 - 2 Mexico Mexico
Japan Japan vs. Germany Germany
France France vs. USA USA
Brazil Brazil vs. Argentina Argentina

Tournaments Finals:Edit

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Spain Olympic Spain  6
 Mexico Olympic Mexico  2  
 Spain Olympic Spain  N/A
 Japan Olympic Japan  N/A
 Germany Olympic Germany  N/A  
 France Olympic France  N/A
 USA Olympic USA  N/A  
 Brazil Olympic Brazil  N/A
 Argentina Olympic Argentina  N/A