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Real Japan 11

Real Japan 7 (CTJ)

Japanese リアル・ジャパン・11
Nationality Japanese
Captain Nobuyuki Yumikura
First appearance World Youth chapter 14 "RJ7's Entry"
Real Japan 11 (リアル・ジャパン・11), which was renamed as Real Japan 7 (R.J.7) in Battle of World Youth saga, is a "shadow" Japan Youth team, created by Minato Gamo. It originally consisted of 11 members, four of which returned in Golden-23 as part of the selection team members of U-22 Japan.


In order to improve Tsubasa and the others of the golden age, Minato Gamo created a "shadow" Japan Youth team, a sparring partner of the legitimate All Japan. The team originally had 11 players, but since Igawa, Soga, Furukawa and Kazami left the team because of different reasons, it became the "Real Japan 7".

Real Japan 7 (Battle of World Youth) Edit

This special team who faced Japan Youth, making Minato Gamo decide to let go Hyuga, Misaki, the Tachibanas, Jito, Soda and Nitta for the 1st Asian Preliminaries and having as condition to come back stronger and beat R.J.7 if they want to become members once more before the 2nd Asian Preliminaries.

Real Japan 7 (Golden-23) Edit

For Golden-23, all players (even the Furukawa-Kazami combi) came back to play for Japan, except for Ryoma Hino, who is now Uruguayan.

Colors Edit


  • Home: Blue shirt with v-shaped white yoke and white sleeve upper half and white v-neck collar, white shorts with blue stripes and blue socks. The emblem is the Flag of Japan.
  • Keeper: Red shirt with black round collar and black shoulders and cuffs, black shorts and white socks.

1994 anime: Red shirt with v-shaped white yoke and white sleeve upper half and white v-neck collar, red shorts with white stripes and red socks. The emblem is the Flag of Japan. The keeper wears a red shirt with white sides and sleeves, blue round collar and shoulders, blue shorts and white socks.

Strategy Edit

All Real Japan 7 members have special qualities. In the case of R.J.7., Ryoma had his Dragon Shot, Urabe had Sliding Shot, Yumikura had Drive Shot, and the rest were great midfielders, defenders and with a great keeper. They, including the rest of the R.J.11., had enough stamina to endure a whole 90 minutes match, and be able to resist so as to surpass any team that were on the lead with the philosophy of "got one (goal), take one (goal) back".

Squad Edit

No. Pos. Player
1 GK Michel Yamada
?? DF Gakuto Igawa
3 DF Yuji Sakaki
?? DF Yuji Soga
5 DF Hanji Urabe
7 MF Takashi Sugimoto
8 MF Toshiya Okano
?? MF Kotaro Furukawa
?? FW Shinnosuke Kazami
10 MF Nobuyuki Yumikura Captain
11 FW Ryoma Hino

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