Real Japan 11 / R.J.11

Japanese リアル・ジャパン・11
Nationality Japanese
Captain Nobuyuki Yumikura
First appearance World Youth chapter 14

Profile Edit

In order to improve Tsubasa and the others of the golden age, Minato Gamo created a "shadow" Japan Youth team, a sparring partner of the legitimate All Japan. The team originally had 11 players, but since Igawa, Soga, Furukawa and Kazami left the team because of different reasons, it became the "Real Japan 7".

Players Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Michel Yamada
3 Yuji Sakaki
5 Hanji Urabe
?? Gakuto Igawa
?? Yuji Soga
7 Takashi Sugimoto
8 Toshiya Okano
10 Nobuyuki Yumikura Captain
?? Kotaro Furukawa
?? Shinnosuke Kazami
9 Ryoma Hino

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