Japanese name ラドゥンガ
Nickname(s) Brave Leader
Nationality Brazilian
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
Road to 2002 chapter 1
Level Team Number
National Brazil
Club Deportivo La Coruna 8
Club São Paulo FC 10

Profile Edit

Radunga is a volante of the Brazilian national football team. He was the captain of São Paulo FC, and the one who entrusted the number 10 uniform to Tsubasa after leaving the team.

As the 17-year-old Tsubasa made his debut in the Brazilian league, Radunga ordered his teammates to "not let Tsubasa look like a fool". Therefore, in that match, Tsubasa didn't have to fear, since the Sao Paulo players always give him suggestions of what to do, and above all, Radunga was following all of Tsubasa's play, to back up Tsubasa every time he made a mistake. In the end, Sao Paulo won 4-3, with Tsubasa scored 1 goal and made 2 assists.

Radunga later moved to Deportivo La Coruna in the Spanish League and entrusted the uniform with the number 10 to Tsubasa. Three years later, the two met again just before the El Clasico. Radunga told Tsubasa that Rivaul, who was injured at that time, called him, because he was concerned about Tsubasa. Tsubasa would have his Spanish first division debut against Real Madrid CF, and he was extremely nervous, even doubted his abilities. Radunga advised him to enjoy the game. Thanks to that conversation and Roberto's phone call later, Tsubasa was able to retrieve his confidence.

Radunga's favorite drink is Guarana juice. After Tsubasa's debut in Sao Paulo, Radunga prepared Guarana to celebrate, and explained to his teammates that since Tsubasa was underage, he cannot drink alcohol, therefore there was no beer. But the Sao Paulo players, who known their captain too well, said that Guarana is just his favorite and noted that Radunga never drink a single drop of alcohol. He also played a trick on Tsubasa by shaking the can before giving it to him, causing the juice splashed on Tsubasa's face.


  • His name could be a reference to the former Brazilian footballer Raimundo Souza de Oliveira "Raí", who played in Sao Paulo FC as captain and wore in said club the number 10 jersey, as well to Dunga, which was captain for Brazil in the FIFA World Cup 1994.

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