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Otomo middle school

Japanese 大友中学
Nationality Japanese
Captain Hanji Urabe

Profile Edit

The striker is Shun Nitta who is the ace of Otomo. Otomo is a very balanced team, consisting of the Otomo Quartet in defence, and Nitta scoring goals at the other end with his Falcon Shoot. In the qualfy tournament, Otomo didn't concede one goal until the final. When they faced against Nankatsu, Nitta challenged Tsubasa as soon as he got the ball. He lost this duel, and Tsubasa later started to mark him. Tsubasa scored with a No Trap Volley Shoot, and Nitta begun to get angry because of his inability to get past Tsubasa. However, the Otomo team put their trust in Nitta, sending him passes. Nitta tried to copy Tsubasa's shot, but he failed on many occasions. When Tsubasa left Nitta unmarked, the latte received a pass, and even though he was unmarked, he still hit it without trapping it. He scored, but Otomo would eventually lose 3-1, eliminating them.

Players Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Isamu Ichijo
2 Masaki Yoshikawa
3 Koji Nishio
4 Masao Nakayama
5 Kozo Kawada
6 Toru Hiraoka
7 Shingo Tadami
10 Hanji Urabe Captain
11 Takeshi Kishida
8 Akio Nakao
9 Shun Nitta

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