Otomo middle school
Kishida Urabe Ichijo and Nitta (Otomo)
Japanese 大友中学
Nationality Japanese
Captain Hanji Urabe
Achievement Second place in the Finals of the Shizuoka prefecture Tournament.

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During middle school, Urabe became the Captain of the soccer team of Otomo and former Nankatsu SC members joined him forming the "Otomo Quartet", a powerful team in defense strategies, as well as two key members for the 16th National Tournament, GK Isamu Ichijo and FW Shun Nitta.

Uniform colors Edit

  • Original Manga: White shirt with black and white collar and black kanji (大 友), black pants and black socks.
  • 1983 Anime: dark green shirt with red collar and black Otomo lettering, beige pants and dark green socks.
  • Road to 2002 (anime): white shirt with white-black collar and a black "O", black pants and black socks.

Strategy Edit

  • Otomo Quartet Vs Tsubasa

    Otomo Quartet Vs Tsubasa.

    Otomo Quartet: Hanji Urabe, Takeshi Kishida, Masao Nakayama and Koji Nishio, form this quarter to establish a powerful defense pattern, where they all polished their pass coordination and speed techniques in order to defeat Tsubasa. On their first confrontetion, they easily excel Tsubasa's speed and stamina during the Shizuoka prefecture tournament. This ability was later outclassed by Tsubasa himself after the Toho vs Nankatsu match in a friendly sparring match when he was fully recovered in order to prove himself to be in shape for the J Boys' Challenge arc.</ref>
  • Hayabusa Shoot: As Ace Striker, this is Nitta's signature shot. This is a normal straight shot without special effects, but is considered a gem thanks to his legs making him naturally fast (being able to run 100 meters in 12 seconds).
    • Hayabusa running volley ((No trap running volley Hayabusa Shoot): Nitta managed to perform a really difficult volley shot - by mimicking Tsubasa's running volley - when he runs at full speed towards a ball coming from behind, but this ability was mastered 18 minutes after the second half time of the match between Otomo vs Nankatsu.
  • Power defense goalkeeper: Due to his refects and great size, Ichijo is able to trap almost all shoots if not for Tsubasa's running volley or other shoots at great speed or in combination with a forward.

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Squad Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Isamu Ichijo
2 Masaki Yoshikawa
3 Koji Nishio
4 Masao Nakayama
5 Kozo Kawada
6 Toru Hiraoka
7 Shingo Tadami
10 Hanji Urabe Captain
11 Takeshi Kishida
8 Akio Nakao
9 Shun Nitta

History Edit

Boys' Fight arc Edit

Shizuoka prefecture Tournament

The one-top striker is Shun Nitta as Otomo's ace. Otomo is a very balanced team, consisting of the Otomo Quartet in defense, and Nitta scoring goals at the other end with his Hayabusa Shoot[2] In the Shizouka prefecture middle school tournament, Otomo didn't concede one goal until the final. When they faced against Nankatsu, Nitta challenged Tsubasa as soon as he got the ball. He lost this duel, and Tsubasa later started to mark him. Tsubasa scored with a No Trap Volley Shoot, and Nitta begun to get angry because of his inability to get past Tsubasa. However, the Otomo team put their trust in Nitta, constantly sending him passes. Nitta tried to copy Tsubasa's shot, but he failed on many occasions.

As the game progresses, Otomo earn a free-kick, which Nitta uses to do his Hayabusa Shoot unobscured. With Morisaki guarding one side of the goal and Tsubasa the other, Nitta shoots straight in the middle, knocking out one of the Nankatsu players and using the hole this creates in the wall, he aims another Hayabusa Shoot through it. Tsubasa clears the ball after using Ken Wakashimazu's Sankakugeri technique to quickly move from the side to the middle of the goal and nearly scores a goal in the resulting counter-attack. However, once it was stopped, Nitta received a long pass, when he was unmarked by Tsubasa, as the latter had joined in the attack. To the surprise of everyone, Nitta decides not to trap the ball and again goes for the Hayabusa running volley (No trap running volley Hayabusa Shoot), but this time with the right timing he scores the equalizing goal, leaving Morisaki and Nankatsu's defense motionless.

Despite this newfound skill, from this point on in the game, Nankatsu utilizes teamplay both in offense and defense and by doing passcuts and offside traps they completely shut out Nitta from the match, while scoring 2 more goals with which the game ends 3-1.

16th National Middle School Tournament

Otomo Quartet - Nankatsu supporters
Later on, Urabe as part of a bet agreement with Ishizaki and also as part of being former comrades in Nankatsu SC, he and the Otomo Quartet decided to cheer up Nankatsu team for the full rounds of the 16th middle school national tournament.

All Japan Jr. Coach Mikami said that even the Otomo Quartet and Nitta might be considered as part of the players to be chosen for the training camp for the All Japan Jr. team.

J Boys' Challenge arc Edit

Tsubasa vs Otomo (Ch 86) 2
Following the end of the Middle School Tournament, the representatives for Japan's Junior Youth team were selected from those having participated in it, but Nitta was the sole exception, being chosen in place of the recuperating Tsubasa.

For the preparations of the J Boys' Challenge arc, Tsubasa faced the Otomo Quartet in a friendly match, being able to defeat each and every one of them, proving that Tsubasa was full recovered from his previous injuries in the Tournament and has surpassed them once again, managing to score with a Drive Shoot against Ichijo.

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  • Due to his latent talent and his master of great power shoots, Shun Nitta was the only Otomo middle school member to be selected as part of the All Japan Jr. Youth, as the squad ace striker with Kojiro Hyuga.

Notes Edit

  1. Tsubasa was able to easily score against Ichijo with his Drive Shoot.
  2. Hayabusa stands for "Peregrine falcon".