Olympic Germany
Olympic Germany
Japanese ドイツオリンピック代表
Captain Karl Heinz Schneider

This is the team that represents both West Germany and East Germany for the Olympics Tournament, held in Madrid.

This team - considered by many the favorite one to win the tournament - has players who had good performance in previous tournaments, led by Karl Heinz Schneider. Many of these players are already known, since they have encountered Japan in the U-16 International Jr. Youth Tournament.
Olympic Germany (RS)

Among many strong rivals, they faced Olympic Brazil in their group, ending with a tie. In the quarterfinals, they face Olympic Japan, and this time both teams are equally matched. This ensemble German team appears in the Rising Sun manga.


Madrid OlympicsEdit

Group stage

Squad Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Deuter Müller
?? Stein
2 Hardwich
3 Mayer
5 Magath
6 Mileus
15 Kevin Schmidt
16 Eric Schmidt
23 Schweil Teigerbran
4 Max
7 Hain
8 Hermann Kaltz
10 Franz Schester
9 Manfred Margus
11 Karl Heinz Schneider Captain