Nobuyuki Yumikura
RJ7 Yumikura
Japanese name 弓倉 宣之
Nickname(s) Hidden Playmaker
Nationality Japanese
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
World Youth chapter 11
Level Team Number
National Japan
Club Tokyo Verdy 1969

Profile Edit

Nobuyuki Yumikura is the midfielder and captain of the Real Japan 7 (Former Real Japan 11). He grew up in the Yomiuri club. Since he was little, he was trained by pro players belonging to the club. He wore the number 10 jersey and played in the same position as Tsubasa Ozora. He also dominated Tsubasa's best-known technique, the Drive Shoot.

Since he missed one year in grade school because of asthma, even though he spent the same years in school as other members of All Japan, he was one year older and couldn't participate in the World Youth. He played in the local J-League for Tokyo Verdy 1969. In Golden 23, he was chosen to be a member of the Olympic team.

Special techniques Edit

  • Drive Shoot

Games exclusive Edit