Noboru Sawaki
Japanese name 沢木 昇
Nickname(s) Meiwa's Center Forward
Nationality Japanese
Birthday September 17
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 10
Level Team Number
Junior Meiwa Higashi 9
Junior Meiwa FC 11


Noboru Sawaki is a forward of Meiwa primary school and Meiwa Higashi middle school in Saitama prefecture.

In Yomiuri Land, he, together with Kojiro Hyuga, formed the two-top of Meiwa FC. The team reached the finals against Nankatsu while remaining unbeaten. In this match Sawaki had a good chance to equalize near the end of the game when he was in front of the goal unmarked, however this was prevented by Ishizaki. In the end, Meiwa lost 2-4.

Sawaki then moved on to Meiwa Higashi middle school, unlike Hyuga, Wakashimazu and later Sawada, who go to the Toho Academy. In their third national middle school tournament, Meiwa Higashi had to face Toho in the semi-final. He was confident about a victory, since they knew Toho the best, and especially since Toho's strength was weakened because Hyuga won't be playing. He and his teammates scored one goal against Wakashimazu with the Sliding Tackle Force to take the lead, however Toho managed to reverse the score in the last minutes and won 2-1.