Nishigaoka elementary school soccer club
Nishigaoka Elementary School
Nationality Japanese
Captain Hanji Urabe
Achievement Two players of the team were selected for Nankatsu City selection team
This is a soccer team in the city of Nankatsu, from the Shizuoka prefecture.

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First, Nishigaoka debuted by playing a friendly match against Nankatsu and losing due to Tsubasa's soccer prodigy abilities and a Nankatsu which was improving its skills little by little.

Kishida vs Urabe vs Misaki
During the match between Shutetsu and Nankatsu, the captain Takeshi Kishida wanted to play in the game to replace number 11, the captain Ishizaki, thus started a contest against his then rival Hanji Urabe, but eventually lost to a 3rd contestant, Nankatsu's newcomer Taro Misaki.

The captain, Urabe and Nakayama were two players of the team who took part in the selection test of the Nankatsu City selection team. Nakayama quickly drew attention with a successful defense against Shutetsu's players. Urabe was also chosen in the selection team due to his abilities as the Defensive Center Midfielder from his experience in Nishigaoka. Urabe stated that they planned to beat Shutetsu but acknowledged Tsubasa's ability and decided to organize the defense in for Nankatsu SC.

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  • This team is called "Naughty Boys" in the Latin American and European dub.

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