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Japanese name ナトゥレーザ
Nickname(s) Young Soccer King, Soccer King, Heaven-sent Child of Soccer
Nationality Brazilian
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
World Youth chapter 63
Level Team Number
National Brazil Youth 10
Club Real Madrid CF 0

Profile Edit

Natureza grew up in a really poor family in the Amazon. He always wanted to play soccer when he was a child, and since he couldn't get a real soccer ball, he would use anything as a ball. He was very skillful, and was noticed by a man, who later told Roberto Hongo about him. When Roberto became Brazil's coach, he decided to try to convinced Natureza to join Brazil Youth. At first, he refused because he dislike the crowded, noisy and polluted cities. However, when his brother, Cario, told him that he had seen a light sparkling as much as Natureza in Japan, he agreed to help Brazil to win.

During the match against Japan, he got in when the match only had around 3 minutes left, however he started the "120 seconds myth" by getting past Tsubasa and scoring against Wakabayashi from outside the penalty area just after getting in. The match had to continue with extra time, and during Japan's sink or swim play, he lost his 1-on-1 duel with Tsubasa, allowing Tsubasa to score the victorious goal.

He is Tsubasa's rival, and he always tries to play better than him. After Brazil's loss, he decided to join Real Madrid to continue his battle with Tsubasa.

Special techniques Edit

  • Heel Lift
  • Aurora Feint
  • Kousoku Bunshin Feint
  • Matagi Feint
  • Rabona Feint
  • Flying Drive Shoot
  • Nidan Flying Drive Shoot
  • Handou Shuu Soku Jin Hou
  • Kakudo 0 no Shoot
  • 3 Steps Overhead

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