Nankatsu middle school soccer club
Japanese 南葛中学
Nationality Japanese
Captain Tsubasa Ozora
Achievement 14th, 15th and 16th national middle school tournament champion

The soccer team of the Nankatsu middle school, from the Shizuoka prefecture.

Profile Edit

As Tsubasa entered middle school, he soon made it into the school soccer club. His former teammates from Nankatsu elementary school, as well as some former member of Shutetsu institute soccer team, namely Mamoru Izawa, Teppei Kisugi, Hajime Taki, Shingo Takasugi and Yuzo Morisaki, also followed him. Thanks to Tsubasa, the team won two national middle school tournaments in a row, with both times defeating Kojiro Hyuga's team, Toho academy, in the finals.

During Tsubasa and everyone's third year in middle school, with all of their rivals - the ones they once faced at Yomiuri Land - improved from before, Nankatsu had many hard fights to defend their title. Beating Otomo in the Shizuoka prefecture qualification round, and then getting past strong opponents like Azumaichi, Hanawa, Hirado and Furano, Nankatsu made it to the finals, with Toho being their opponent for the third time. With the match undecided even after extra time, both teams were declared champions, earning Nankatsu their V3.

The following year, due to the former starting members graduating, the team, consisting of Tsubasa's underclassmen, lost against Shun Nitta's Otomo during the Shizuoka prefecture qualification round.


14th national middle school tournamentEdit

  • [Final] ○ Nankatsu 2 - 1 Toho

15th national middle school tournamentEdit

  • [Final] ○ Nankatsu 1 - 0 Toho ●

16th national middle school tournamentEdit

Shizuoka prefecture tournament

  • ○ Nankatsu 6 - 0 Ito
  • ○ Nankatsu 3 - 0 Kawane ●
  • ○ Nankatsu 7 - 1 Hamanaka ●
  • [Quarterfinal] ○ Nankatsu 4 - 0 Ootaichi ●
  • [Semifinal] ○ Nankatsu 5 - 1 Okabe ●
  • [Final] ○ Nankatsu 3 - 1 Otomo

Final tournament

  • ○ Nankatsu 2 - 1 Azumaichi
  • ○ Nankatsu 6 - 0 Nishikigaoka
  • ○ Nankatsu 3 - 2 Hanawa
  • [Quarterfinal] ○ Nankatsu 4 - 3 Hirado
  • [Semifinal] ○ Nankatsu 3 - 2 Furano
  • [Final] Δ Nankatsu 4 - 4 Toho Δ (aet)

17th national middle school tournamentEdit

Shizuoka prefecture tournament

  • ● Nankatsu lost against[1] Otomo ○

Players Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Yuzo Morisaki
2 Masato Nakazato
4 Tsuyoshi Oda
6 Shingo Takasugi
14 Ryo Ishizaki
15 Manabu Okawa
5 Kenichi Iwami
8 Mamoru Izawa
10 Tsubasa Ozora Captain
16 Shogo Yamamori
3 Hiroshi Nagano
7 Hajime Taki
9 Teppei Kisugi

See also Edit

  1. All Nankatsu Middle School players had to drop the team since they were preparing for the final examinations to be accepted into Nankatsu High School, and Tsubasa was a temporarily aid for the Nankatsu's coach for the six-month period prior to his flight to Brazil with Roberto Hongo.

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