Musashi FC
Musashi FC
Japanese 武蔵FC
Nationality Japanese
Captain Jun Misugi
Achievement 3rd place of the 6th Yomiuri Land - national junior tournament
Musashi FC is a youth selection team from the city of Musashino, which represents Tokyo Prefecture at the 6th Youth National Tournament. The captain is superstar Jun Misugi, who leads his team into the semifinals of the tournament and meets Nankatsu SC.


FC Musashi is the national team for which an extra-large selection process has been completed. More than 1000 young players from Musashino participated in the qualification tests. So Musashi FC has a wide squad and invariably consists of good to very good players. Core of the team, is playmaker and captain Jun Misugi, who conducts his teammates and is often due to his heart failure only a few minutes in the field. In an emergency, as well as in the quarter-final against Hitachi, he jumps in immediately to play the remaining 15 minutes. But even without his captain playing, Musashi remains a good team.

From Musashi FC there are especially the three strikers Akira Ichinose, Minoru Honma and Shinji Sanada, who stand out due to Misugi's absence on the field. Through the leadership of Misugi (even from the bench), the team plays very strategically and even dominates the Offside trap.

Colors Edit

Misugi - Musashi FC Jersey
  • Home color: White jersey w/ blue and red stripes violet shorts and white socks (Manga; 2018 Anime). The emblem on shirt is " 武蔵 "
  • Other colors:
    • Yellow jersey w/ white collar, blue and red stripes and azure shorts (1983 Anime). The emblem is "mfc" (stading for Musashi FC),
    • Yellow uniform w/ white collar, and red and blue sleeve borders (Captain Tsubasa J), like in the 1983 anime, the emblem is "mfc".
    • White jersey w/ violet and red stripes and violet shorts (Road to 2002). The emblem is a red "M"


6th Yomiuri Land - National junior tournamentEdit

Group stage

  • ○ Musashi FC defeated Jounan ●
  • ○ Musashi FC defeated Kawazoe ●
  • 3x○ 3 wins against other teams in the 3rd block

Knockout stage

  • ○ Musashi FC 5 - 0 Sannomiya ●
  • [Quarterfinal] ○ Musashi FC 6 - 2 Hitachi ●
  • [Semifinal] ● Musashi FC 4 - 5 Nankatsu SC


Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Tatsuya Tazawa
2 Seiji Kanda
4 Ryoichi Sano
5 Osamu Kido
3 Daisuke Yamamoto
7 Kazuya Nakajima
8 Hiroshi Mukai
14 Jun Misugi Captain
17 Ryota Kojima
9 Akira Ichinose
10 Minoru Honma
16 Shinji Sanada