Munemasa Katagiri

Katagiri (CT)
As soccer talent scout

International Jr. Tournament[1]

Katagiri (CTJ)
Member of the JFA[1]

Japanese name 片桐 宗政
かたぎり むねまさ
Nationality Japanese
Relationships Mr. Katagiri (father)
Position(s) Forward (retired)
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 54
Level Team Number
National Olympic / U-22 JFA
U-20 Japan Youth JFA
U-16 Japan Jr. / 1986 Coach
U-13 / U-14 U-13 / U-14 Japan Coach
National Japan  ??

Profile Edit

Munemasa Katagiri was a former Japanese soccer player and is an employee, primarily a talent scout of the Japan Football Association (JFA). He pulls the strings in the background and supports the many talents of the Golden Generation, including Tsubasa Ozora, Misaki, Hyuga, Aoi, and many others, on their way to the top of the world.

Story Edit

As a soccer player Edit

Minato Gamo, Tatsuo Mikami and himself were once teammates in the Japanese national soccer team. He was the striker of the team. However, they still cannot help Japan get past the Asian wall.

During a match, Katagiri had an injury, and lost his right eye. Because of that, he had to stop his career as a player.

As a soccer scoutEdit

Since he is a former striker, Katagiri quickly recognizes the potential and talent of player. He plays a big side role in the series, helping Tsubasa and others to succeed in their dreams. Along with Kaori Matsumoto, he is one of the most admired talent scouts in Japan.

He has followed Tsubasa at the beginning of his career until he went to Brazil. He even help to make Roberto Hongo react to become Tsubasa's mentor once again during the final match of the International Jr. Youth Cup.

As a trainerEdit

Katagiri said that he learnt to be a trainer thanks to Tatsuo Mikami's guidance. He also was able to assist the U-13 Japan in the U-13 International Tournament in France and West Germany as the only Asian representative.

As JFA representativeEdit

He continues to support the Golden Generation, he agreed in Battle of World Youth to have a shadow team called Real Japan 7 to make the All Japan Youth stronger and be prepared for the 2nd Asian preliminaries.

He arranged to have the U-20 International World Youth Cup in Japan in little time with the assistance of his father, Mr. Katagiri, who is an importance corporate businessman in Japan.

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