Munemasa Katagiri


片桐 宗政
Personal information
Former forward of the Japanese national team, member of JFA, soccer talent scout
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 54

Munemasa Katagiri (片桐 宗政, Katagiri Munemasa) is a former Japanese football player and talent scout, who works for Japan Football Association.

Story Edit

As a soccer player Edit

Minato Gamo, Tatsuo Mikami and he were once teammates in the Japanese national soccer team. He was the striker of the team. However, they still cannot help Japan get past the Asian wall.

During a match, Katagiri had an injury, and lost his right eye. Because of that, he had to stop his career as a player.

As a football scoutEdit

Since he is a former striker, Katagiri quickly recognizes the potential and talent of player. He plays a big side role in the series, helping Tsubasa and others to succeed in their dreams. Along with Kaori Matsumoto, he is one of the most admired talent scouts in Japan.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Latin American dub, his name is Adriano Fogartini, while in the European dub, his name is Kirk Parson.