Mitsuru Sano

Japanese name 佐野 滿
Nickname(s) Field Acrobat
Nationality Japanese
Birthday August 2
Height 167 cm (G23)
163 cm (BWY)
159 cm (BF / JBC)
Weight 60 kg(G23)
55 kg (BWY)
47 kg (BF / JBC)
Position(s) Forward, Midfielder
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 54
Level Team Number
National Olympic Japan / U-22 Japan 16
U-20 All Japan Youth 16
U-16 All Japan Jr. 16
U-16 All Japan Jr. (1986) [1] 12
Club Avispa Fukuoka 88
Senior high Kunimi institute  ??
Junior high Hirado 16

Profile Edit

Sano is a brilliant midfielder and the offensive gamemaker in Hirado, while his best friend and captain Hiroshi Jito compensated him with his defensive sweeper strength. Jito and Sano are the total opposite of each other, Jito is large built, while Sano is small and nimble. He and Jito form the Hirado Combi. Sano was a substitute player for either the Tachibana twins or Shun Nitta when needed on the Japanese National Team (Japan Jr., All Japan Youth or U-22 Japan).

Special techniques Edit

Playstyle Edit

Thanks to his small frame and nimbleness, Sano has an efficient dribble, combined with good ball keeping skills. His ball keeping ability can only be edged by Matsuyama. He later improved his dribbling skills by adding various futsal techniques, learned from the futsal combi, Furukawa and Kazami.

  • Field Acrobat

Offensive techniques Edit

  • Crayfish Backstep
  • Furukawa Turn
  • Overhead: He can jump as high as Tsubasa's mid-air Overhead, being able even to duel him on aerial fights.
  • Pivot Leg Pass
  • Toe Poke Shot

Combi plays Edit

  • Hirado Combi
  • Power Shot: Jito overlaps
    Hirado - home colours (manga)
    while using Mitsuru Sano's play as a ruse who makes a pass from the sideline. Jito does a long power shot, despite any possible marker being in his way. With the force made by the shot, the ball impacts the keeper who tries to catch the ball, trapping both him and the ball and getting thrown into the goal net. This was successfully used against Nankatsu middle school.
  • Special Pass: Hirado's main technique, where Sano overlaps into the penalty area, then Jito does a Power Shot from the middle of the field, the Keeper tries to counter it but then Sano does a diving header, changing the direction of the ball.
  • Green-cut Pass: This counter attack is made after a pass to Jito, who this time he does a long green-cut shot directly into the keeper area, who thinks he can easily catch the ball, but then the ball bounces and spins back just as in a golf course, tricking the keeper so that the ball goes directly into Sano's legs who does a running volley in order to easily score.

Games exclusive Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His name is Rigo in the Latin American dub and Sandy Winters in some European countries.
  • He shares his name with a character from Kamen Rider Ryuki, Mitsuru Sano.

Notes Edit

  1. Exclusively in World Greatest Battle! Jr. World Cup.