Minato Gamo


賀茂 港
Brave General
Personal information
Former captain of the Japanese national team, All Japan Youth's coach
First appearance
World Youth chapter 5


Minato Gamo is the coach of All Japan Youth after Tatsuo Mikami, the former coach leaving his role to Gamo. Before he become the coach, he traveled through the world and met some talented players like Ryoma Hino, Shingo Aoi, Akai Tomeya, among others. One of his plans was to form the Real Japan 11 which later known as Real Japan 7, in order to make the All Japan Youth core members improve. Only Hanji Urabe did return from this team selection aftwerwards, proving to be of help due to Gamo's teachings.

Moving forward into the World Youth Preliminaries and the World Youth Cup, as the team's coach, he contributes to Japan's victory, with Tsubasa as the main core of the team and Aoi as a new "shining star" for the team (who was indeed Gamo's true discovery).

He's considered one of the best coach a Japan Youth team has had, as he was applauded and received an ovation for his outstanding performance at the end of the World Youth Football (Soccer) Cup.

He later became assistant coach to Kozo Kira for the U-22 Japan and Olympic Japan team.