These are the known japanese schools soccer teams during the 16th National Middle School Championships in Captain Tsubasa (Boys' Fight arc). Later on, many players from these teams where selected by coach Tatsuo Mikami as the best 24 players of the national tournament and were invited for the training camp of All Japan Jr. Youth (J Boys' Challenge arc).

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Middle School Teams

Middle school teams united.

Middle School Teams (Tsubasa)

16th National Championship Teams Edit

These teams are the main teams during the national middle school tournament.

Prefecture qualification round Teams Edit

  • Musashi: Led by Jun Misugi. Musashi was Toho's rival in the Tokyo round finals.
  • Naniwa: Led by Taichi Nakanishi. Naniwa was Azumaichi's rival in the Osaka round finals.
  • Otomo: Led by Hanji Urabe, Shun Nitta and former Nankatsu SC players. Otomo was Nankatsu's rival in the Shizuoka round finals. On the following qualification round a year later, Otomo was to beat Nankatsu, since all former senior students had to leave the club in order to prepare for the High School entrance exams.

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