Michel Yamada
Japanese name ミシェル 山田
Nickname(s) Spider Man
Nationality Japanese
Position(s) Goalkeeper
First appearance
World Youth chapter 14
Level Team Number
National Japan
Club Tokyo Verdy 1969

Profile Edit

The goalkeeper of the Real Japan 11. He was introduced as the keeper who catches the shoots like a spider imprisoning the shoot courses in its web. In the first match against Japan, he caught Nitta's Hayabusa Shoot easily and completely defended the goal in the next two matches. However, in the rematch with the 7 excluded members of All Japan, he couldn't respond to their attacks, especially Hyuga's Raiju Shoot and conceded 10 goals in just 30 minutes.

He was also among the candidates for the Olympic, but was not chosen in the end.

Special techniques Edit

  • Spider Catch
  • 2-hand Punch

Trivia Edit

  • His name and appearance are based on the former Japanese defender Michel Miyazawa, who played for JEF United.
  • His nickname, Spider Man, is a reference to the former Cameroon goalkeeper Thomas N'Kono, whose nickname was Black Spider.

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