Japanese name ミカエル
Nickname(s) Angel
Devil of the Field
Nationality Spanish
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
Kaigai Gekito Hen en La Liga (2010) chapter 1 "Premises of a fierce fight"
Level Team Number
National Olympic Spain 11
Club CD Numancia

Michael is an extraordinary player who is currently playing for CD Numancia. He is also part of the Spanish Olympic team. During his appearances, Michael showed magnificent skills, even surpassing characters like Tsubasa Ozora or Natureza.

In some instances, Michael is portrayed like a divine being, as some characters, including Tsubasa, see angel's wings or angel's feather after seeing Michael. Natureza even feels Michael's existence in the Santiago Bernabeu as God's.


Prior to the Overseas Fierce Fights ArcEdit

A young boy raised at the Montserrat Church, Michael was taught soccer by the bishop of the church, Juanito. Michael quickly show his talent, and when he participated in the enrollment test to join FC Barcelona's Cantera (training system for the youth), not a single player was able to take the ball away from him. However, he didn't join Barca afterwards, since he wanted to fulfill his duty as a priest. Therefore, he left for the Montserrat Abbey and joined a local team there, playing in combi with his friend Raphael. At some point, Michael stopped playing soccer.

10 years later, when bishop Juanito was about to pass away, he told Michael that the latter should do what he like. Later, Michael was asked to go watch the El Clasico in the Camp Nou while holding a picture of the bishop, since while the bishop loves soccer so much, he was never able to go watch a Clasico in a stadium. It was also at that same day that Michael met Sanae Ozora, Yukari Nishimoto and Pinto while they were going to the Montserrat Church to pray. When Pinto drops the ball, he quickly got it before it fell off the fence of the hill, and then even juggle on that fence. After that, he looked at Sanae and said that he saw two angels behind her, and gave a cross to her.

After watching the Clasico and the duel between Tsubasa and Natureza, Michael felt like he want to play soccer again. The day after, he met Tsubasa while the latter was training at the hills of the Montjuïc circuit. Here, Michael showed some of his quality again, as Tsubasa was completely outran by him and was unable to catch up. Michael said Tsubasa's match made him want to go out to run, and meeting Tsubasa by chance had to be God's will.

Overseas Fierce Fights ArcEdit

On the day of the second Clasico in the Santiago Bernabeu, Michael also goes to see the match. He goes to the stadium by riding on top of the ball like a skateboard. On the way, a child drops his ball on the road, which might result in a terrible traffic accident, but Michael is able to return the ball to the boy just by kicking his own ball at it, with his ball also immediately return to him after the kick, thus preventing the accident from happening. Shortly after, he accurately kicks the ball at a floating balloon, popping it and retrieving the toy that was stuck to it for a little girl.

Upon seeing Tsubasa's and Natureza's play once more, he decides to play soccer again. He contacts Raphael afterwards, and then signs a contract with the latter's team, CD Numancia.

Shortly after joining Numancia, his team has to face Real Madrid CF, and in this match, he completely holds down Natureza, leading to Real's loss, dropping them to second place.

Rising Sun ArcEdit

It is revealed that Carlos Santana was beaten by Michael as well during Numancia's match against Valencia CF.

Michael is later chosen as part of the Spanish Olympic team. The opening match of the Madrid Olympics is between Spain and Cameroon. As Cameroon attacks with their overage two top, Muamba and Etaw, Michael easily snatches the ball from those two.

Michael then uses the ball like a skateboard, like what he usually does. When Cameroon is taken aback, Michael does a long shot, which even leaves the afterimage of a dragon behind, despite he is not using the Han Dou Shuu Soku Jin Hou. The shot hits the bar, but unbeknownst to all people presented at the stadium except Raphael, Michael did that on purpose, as the repelled ball conveniently goes towards Fersio Torres, who scores without any difficulties.

Spain's second goal is similar to the first one, in which Michael creates an absolute goal chance for his teammate Rail while making it looks like mere luck again. Specifically, Michael does a shot, which hits a defender of Cameroon and has the ball rolls towards Rail.

Just before the end of the first half, Spain scores their third goal, and it's origin is again, Michael.

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