Masao Nakayama
Japanese name 中山 政男
Nationality Japanese
Birthday May 12
Position(s) Defender
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 9
Level Team Number
National Japan
Junior Otomo 4
Junior Nankatsu 4

Profile Edit

Member of a soccer team in the city of Nankatsu. He took part in the selection test of the Nankatsu city selection team, and quickly drew attention with a successful defense against Shutetsu's players. Then, he became a regular defender.

In middle school, Nakayama didn't join Nankatsu and followed Urabe to the soccer team of Otomo. Like the other, he went through harsh training to be able to beat Tsubasa. He, along with Hanji Urabe, Takeshi Kishida, Koji Nishio, formed the Otomo Quartet. Although they progressed much, they still lost the match against Nankatsu, despite putting up a good fight. After that, he joined Urabe in supporting Nankatsu in the national tournament. He didn't make it to the national team, but still followed their matches through TV.

In World Youth, he was also selected to be a member of All Japan Youth, however he didn't have a chance to play in any match.

It is unknowned if he joined a club in J-League or not.

Special techniques Edit

  • Otomo Quartet
  • Sliding Tackle

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