Marcos Almieja
Japanese name マルコス・アウミージャ
Nickname(s) Craftsman of Defense
Nationality Brazilian
Position(s) Defender
First appearance
Road to 2002 chapter 3
Level Team Number
National Brazil
Club FC Barcelona 15

Profile Edit

Almieja is a Brazilian player who plays for Barcelona as a defender. He, Pedro Fonseca and Gordoba Gonzales are Barca's proud defenders. Due to injury, he couldn't play full time last season. When they were testing Barca B's players, Tsubasa challenged them. The three of them couldn't stop Tsubasa in that duel.

Almieja has a son named Fabio. One of Fabio's friend, Sise, said that Barcelona is full of greenhorns. The two of them quarreled because of that, and when Almieja knew about that, he told Fabio to bring Sise to the Camp Nou to see Barca win the El Clasico. During the match, Almieja received a yellow card because of his foul play with Natureza. Almieja was going to hit Natureza because Natureza was bad-mouthing, but Tsubasa stopped him, and when he remembered what he promised to his son, he calmed down. He did his best to defend after that, and Barca won in the end.

Special techniques Edit

  • 2 times Defense