Mamoru Izawa
Player 60583
Japanese name 井沢 守
Nickname(s) Field Soldier
Nationality Japanese
Birthday December 20
Position(s) Midfielder, Defender
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 3
Level Team Number
National Japan 8
Club Yokohama F Marinos
Junior Nankatsu 8
Junior Shutetsu 10

Profile Edit

Mamoru Izawa is a substitute of Japan. He is a specialist at headers and usually wins most of his heading duels. He also has a good team play especially with Kisugi and Taki. The three of them form the Shutetsu Trio which is a combination of fast passes to each other. Izawa is the most skillful in the Shutetsu Trio. Although Izawa is only a substitute of Japan and was originally a midfielder, he has proved himself several times that he was a good defender.

Izawa went to the Nankatsu middle school, and became a regular of their soccer team in the 2nd year. He was an asset for Nankatsu, as their second playmaker after Tsubasa. Among the best players of the tournament, he was selected in the All Japan Jr. Youth team. Though being substitute, he had his chance to play against Hamburg, and get in some matches of the International Jr. Youth tournament, playing as a defender.

In World Youth, Izawa was a regular in the first round of the Asian preliminaries. He was the first one to ignore the injuries he received during Gamo's hellish training. He didn't have any memories of Aoi though he had played against him in school.

In Road to 2002, he joins the Yokohama F Marinos. Selected in the Japanese Olympic team, he replaced the injured Jito in the first friendly match against Denmark, allowing Japan to change its defensive system in the middle of the match. The fact that he is an utility player was useful throughout the Asian preliminaries.

Special Techniques Edit

  • Shutetsu Trio
  • 5-meter Diving Head

Games exclusive Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is known as Paul Diamond in some European countries.

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