Maki Akamine
Japanese name 赤岭 真纪
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Black
Relationships Kojiro Hyuga (boyfriend)
Occupation Softball player
First appearance
World Youth chapter 26

Maki Akamine is a Japanese softball player and love interest of Kojiro Hyuga. She is described as a tomboy, and appears to be hot tempered and independent. However, Maki has a good heart, and can be very supportive, humorous, gentle and social.

Synopsis Edit

World Youth Arc Edit

After being forced to leave All Japan Youth by Minato Gamo, Hyuga returned to Okinawa for a while, and during that time, he met Maki. Thanks to Maki, Hyuga had the idea of how his new shot would be, and later created the Raiju Shoot.

Later, before the match between Japan and Uruguay, Maki came to see Hyuga and gave him her good luck charm, telling him that that helped her stay calm and win her match. Hyuga accepted it, and promised her that he would win. He kept the charm with him since then.

Road to 2002 Arc/Go for 2006 Special Edit

When Hyuga arrived at the airport to leave for Italy, Maki came and gave him the new charm, wishing him to do well in Juventus.

Later, after Hyuga was transferred to AC Reggiana, on the day of Hyuga's debut match, Maki also arrived in Milan, Italy since her team was about to have a match there. Her coach promised her that if she could do a no hit no run, he would allow her to go see Hyuga's match. She managed to do so, however, due to a traffic jam, she could not arrive on time and thus unable to meet Hyuga. She met Hiroko Uchiumi, Hyuga's translator though, and was allowed to visit the locker room. Upon seeing her charm still hanging on Hyuga's locker door, she couldn't keep her tears of joy, and before leaving, she put a new charm on the locker door, beside the old one.